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WWW Search Engines - From A to Z
 Yahoo! - A Complete Directory Of Internet Web Pages.
 Infoseek - A Topical Catalog Of The Internet By Infoseek Corp.
 HotBot - A Very Good WWW Search Engine
 Excite - A Large Catalog Of Internet Subjects.
 Alta Vista - A large WWW index from Digital Equipment Corp.
 Lycos - A Complete Guide To The Internet From Lycos Inc. At Carnegie Mellon University.
 Webcrawler - A Search Engine From America Online.
 Aliweb - A Database Of Web Links.
 Open Text - A Good Search Engine.
 Inktomi - Web Page Search Engine From Berkeley.
 Starting Point - Searchable Categories Of The Internet.
 World Wide Web Worm - A Directory Compiled By A Web Bot.
 Discovery Channel - The Discovery Channel's Online Search Engine.
 EINet Galaxy - A search engine provided by TradeWave.
 GTE Superpages - Search For Specific Web Pages.
 Starting Point  Playboy Ultimate Directory  DisInformation
 Aesir Custom Search  Ahoy!  Airport Search Engine
 Aqueous  Area 52  AvatarSearch
 Aviation Search Engine  BabyOIL  BizAds Business Locator
 Blandino's Net Search  BRS Search Page  CasePoint WebServer
 Community Navigation  Company Site Locator  Content Router
 Fido the Shopping Doggie  IWEB Search Service  Fish-Search
 Global Online Directory  GlOSS  GNA Meta-Library
 Grit  IBM infoMarket Search  Identify
 Inference Find  The Informant Server  Irena
 W3 Catalog  The Whole Internet Catalog  Magic Search
 MathSearch  MESCH  Mojoe
 Money$earch  MRO-Explorer  MusicSearch
 Navigate dot Net  Nebula Search  NlightN
 OneKey  Poke!  Prospernet, Inc.
 SOLO server 1.0/1.0  RBSE's URL database  Search Argos
 Snoopie  The Spider's Apprentice  Travel-Finder Spider
 Url Tree. The  Verity Net Virtual Lib.  WebDawg
 WebDirect!  Webhound WWW Interface  WebPort City Gateways
 Webseek  Websurfer  What-U-Seek
 World Access Navigator  Home Pages Broker  WWWomen Directory
 WWWWorm  Index - Beaucoup!  Home Team
 Infohiway  Internet Search  InterNIC
 Jump City  Linkstar  Magellan
 The Internet Public Library    
Regional Search Engines
 Yahoo! New York  Yahoo! Los Angeles  Yahoo! Washington, D.C.
 Yahoo! San Francisco Bay  Yahoo! Deutschland  Yahoo! Canada
 Yahoo! UK & Ireland  Yahoo! Japan  Maple Square
 Muscat WebExplorer  Tribal Voice (Nat. American)  European Directory
 Francité (French)  Jubii (Danish)  The Key (Hebrew)
 Shinyseek (Italian)  Web.De (German)  AltaVista Australia
 Ananzi (South African)  Crawler.De (German)  Cynet (Malaysian)
 DINO online (German)  Euroseek  G-Spot (Phillipino)
 Hong Kong Search Engine  Italian Spider  Japanese Open Text Index
 Johnes (European)  kolibri (German)  Lokace (French)
 Search.NL (Dutch)  Simmany (Korean)  Surfer's Edge (Singapore)
 Swiss Search (Swiss)  Wakano (Korean)  ZZZ Search (Estonian)
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Super Resource Indices
 Family Friendly Sites  Great American Web Site  Ctr. for the Easily Amused
 English Server at CMU  My Virtual Reference Desk  Subject Catalogue
 WebDictionary  Wired Source  A#1 Quality Directory
 The Ranking Library  Adrian's Place  Allcampus In-Sites
 BAM Online 100  Berkeley Pub. Library  Bill's Library
 BUBL Info. Service Server  Business Info Source  Chateau Internationale
 Chevy Chase Comps  Cool School Tools  Web-Counter Top 1000
 Cybernet Voyager  CyberTeddy-OnLine  WWW Power Index
 Cyborg's Neosphere  WorldTel Services  Digital Libraries
 Hampton Roads Lib.  Electronic Library Resources  Finding Data on the Internet
 Fishco Home Room  Fred Davis's WebLust  Gateway to the Internet
 Hitch Hiker's Net Guide  Holy Family School - Links  Hot Link Zone
 Hot Links to Cool Places!  Infobot Hotlist Database  UC Riverside Libraries
 Information Bank  Information By Topic  Imana's Sitesee
 GroupWeb Directories  Servers (geographical)  Information Services
 Interesting Sites to Visit  Interesting Links (HaL)  Internaut Voyager
 The Internet Directory  Internet Hottest Sites  Internet Hypertext List
 Internet Index  A1 Searchable Directory  Internet Library
 Internet Master Site  Net Pub. Lib. - Teens  iWORLD WebPointer
 Jack Styczynski's Page  The Junction  Cyber Universe
 Last Chance List  World's Best Web Sites  Laws of Cool
 LinkMaster (  Links Dict. & Encyc.  Main Street Earth
 Mart's MetaPick  Media Connection of NY  Michi-Web Hot Links Page
 MIT Student Info  Mother-of-all BBS  Nerd World Media
 Netcom FTP Web Index  NetMind Free Services  BBC/co System
 NetPotatoSalad Japan!  NetPotatoSalad's II  Netscape's What's Cool?
 Net's House Of Links  OneEarth Gallery  Online Help Storefront
 PalouseNet Info. Repos.  PAN Islands Pub. Access  PC/Computing's Web Map
 Primenet Links  Primordial Shmooze  RealCom - Global List
 Campbell's Net World  Recondite Ref. Desk  Reference Center
 Soprano Connections  Squeak II Outlinks  Selena's Culture Archive
 TurnPike Emporium  UGCS Home Page  Superpage Momentum
 Uncle Sack's Net Depot  UnderWorld Links  UWI's Web's Edge
 Venom's Server  VR Art-Intel. Neural Net  Virtual Town City Limits
 WebCrawler Top 25  Weekly Bookmark  Welcome to the Web
 Librarian's Guide Net Info  WIT WWW Archive  World of Interest
 Web Resources (    
 schoolwork.ugh  The Interface  Mark/Space  Planet Earth  Trentonville
 Shareware City  SiteLink  EZ Connect  Info. Repos.  The Subway
 Surf Boards  Surfers Paradise  tela Web Index  Zenith Medianet  Virtual Hotlist
 W3 Jumpstation  Web Central  Web Conn.  Web Wanderer  Webaholics
 Brues' News  CyberSight  Cybertown  Hot Sheet  Glass Wings
 InfoNets  Affinicast  The Array  In Site
 WebWorld  Interface  Webtaxi  WWW Index  OYP
 Bobaworld  CyberServer  Otis Index  PHOAKS  Program One
 Netree  POL-CA  MediaEater  Netlinks  Xplore
 YiPPiE!  TerraMedia  Moonstar  Net-Info  webWaYs
 True Link  [i] Network  Useful Page  What's On  PubliNet
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Internet Resource Directories
 COMMA Hotlist  Cosmix Motherload  WWW Virtual Library
 American Mall Hotlinks  WWWindex Demo  Email Announce
 Eye on the Web  G.O.D. Search  Global On-Line Dir.
 Global Reference Link  GTE SuperPages  ILTweb HotSpots
 Internet en castellano  Internet Pub. Lib.  Le Guide de NCTech
 Intuitive Web Index  Jones College Net Resources  LinkStar Net Dir.
 MegaList WWW List  Your Personal Network  Microsoft Library
 Middle East Net Pages  Montazh Multimedia  Naughty Linx
 Net Squared Library  NetGuide Live  Netscape Destinations
 New Riders' Yellow Pages  NISS - Newgate  o://infoweb Bag'o'Links
 Asia's Web Directory  Related Readings  Search! Personal Pages
 So Cal excite  Soprano Connections  Starting Point
 theJunction On Line Service  Toad's hotlist  WEBtown's Links
 WebWise Library  The WWW Pavilion  WWW Corporate Intel.  WWWomen Directory  
 REX  WWWhere  Brandpoint  Click  Simpliciter
 Planet Oasis  2ask  A 2 Z  Achoo  Adultinks
 alt.culture  Ampersand  Blackworld  Brandpoint  CCRN NET
 Donde?  excite  Huge List  IBCNET  InfoSeek  Center Stage  CitySearch  Clearinghouse  CyberHound
 CyberSpud  i-Explorer  Francité  Net Info  Jump City
 LinkMaster  LinkMonster  Internet Sleuth  Internet Wizard  Surf Point
 Taxonomy  EINet Galaxy  LLNL's Lists  LookSmart  Matilda
 Josh's Sanctum  Origo Index  Persona  PowerLink  Prospernet
 PubliNet  Robo-Link  SiteSeeker  VR-USA  WebCrawler
 WebSource  MIBI  Whoopie!  WhoWhere?  WONET
 Webula  WWLib      
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Company Super Directories & Indices
 YelloWWWeb Pages  Best on the Web  Filipino Global Network
 High Desert Yellow Pages  Commercial Sites  GTE SuperPages
 Spiral Comm, Inc  3H Business & Travel Guide  ABL Net Business Dir.
 Access Business Online  AccessPlus Network  Adtech Business Pages
 Internet B-to-B Dir.  Ameritech Net Yellow Pages  Asia Showcase and Cat.
 AT&T Business Network  Braemac Pty. Ltd.  British In America
 Bullins UK Web Agency  Business Link  BusinessWorld
 Central America Today  Chamber of Commerce  Channel 1 Business Dir.
 Chinese Business Net  College Dir. Publishing  Comm. Services - Virtual Lib.
 Commercial Websites  Commercial WWW Servers  Companies on the Web
 Cybernet Yellow Pages  David's White Pages  Delta Business Directory
 Elect. Business Guides, Inc  Ethical Business  Food & Beverage Directory
 Global Contact - NAFTA  Global Interactive City  Glob. Vis. - Humanitarian
 Hospitality-Index  IGS Marketplace  Interglobal Who's Who
 Internet Addressbook  Mail Order Direct-A-Net  Malta Yellow Pages
 Minority Business/Pro. Dir.  Multinet WWMarketplace  NAFTA InterTrade Showcase
 Net Squared Bus. Dir.  Net-Cyber-Pages  NewMarket Forum Dir.
 Noble Internet Dir.  NorthWest Web Net  Online Shopping Safari
 Pro. Bus. Network Exchange  Pro. Services Network  Professionals Online
 Scottish Bus. Exch.  Service Professionals  Spark Search Service
 Sussex Business Dir.  Tech Expo Hi-Tech Info  TradeAccess Bus. Info.
 Tradewatch World Bus. Dir.  TrekNet's Business Dist.  Twenty First Century
 Wall Street Journal AdNet  Watermans Virtual Library  Web Wanderer - Indus. Comps
 Wholesaler's World Market  WWFreelance Directory  XREF B-to-B Dir.
 Yellow Pages Superhighway    
 Yelp  123Link  The A Source  An Auction  Buyer's Index  The Circle  Citypages  CitySurf
 ComFind  Gabebo  GLOBIS  GLOnet  Kompass
 Huenet  InterBis  Peekaboo  NetPages  Otis Index
 Scottish Focus  SecretSource  Switchboard  TotemPole  Trade Pages
 LexiConn  Linkcentre  Web100  WebDirect!  WebWatchdog
 IndustryNET  InfoTraveler  Internet Pages  Iontech Stocks  BizWeb
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World Wide Web Super Lists
Yanoff's Internet Services - Scott Yanoff's Super List.
The Awesome List - Big List of Lists By John Makulowich.
Nerd World - Internet Subject Index.
City.Net - Information About Cities Around The World
Webaholics - An Assortment Of Different Web Links.
The HUGE List - A List Of Almost Every Subject Imaginable.
LinkMaster - Links To Thousands Of Useful Websites.
The Scott List - A Categorized List Of Online Internet Resources By Michael Scott.
Hot Sheet - A Large Source For Information On The Web.
UM Documents Center - A reference source for the government.
Philly's Cyberville - A list of Commercial Information Resources on the Internet.
Directory of Directories - InterNIC Directory of Directories.
PlaNET - PlaNET Internet Resources.
OCP - Operation Cyber Prometheus. A large collection of links relating to technology.
Quality Directory - A directory dedicated to provide quality links.
The Library - A large collection of Web links.
Browser Watch - A List of Web Browsers
Web Surf - A collection of Internet resources.
Internet Resources List - A Large List of Internet Resources.
List of Robots - Robots of the Web.
Mother-of-all BBS - A Large Collection of Home Pages for Companies, Universities, Etc.
Subject List and Map - A Categorized Subject Tree of the Internet.
Colleges - List of Colleges And Universities With Home Pages.
Federal Web Locator - A List Of Federal Information On The Web.
Games Domain - THE List For Computer Game Information
Human Languages Pages - Language Related Internet Resources.
Lizst - A Large Catalog Of Mailing Lists.
NetMind - A List Of Free Services Available On The Internet.
Planet Earth Home Page - A WWW Virtual Library.
Virtual Medical Center - Medical Information On The Web.
WeatherNet - Complete List Of Links To Weather Related Pages.
World Art Treasures - World Art Treasures On The Web.
GPO Access - Get Government Documentations
Legal Information Institute - From Cornell Law School.
Inter-Links - Assortment Of Useful Internet Resources.
Ready Reference - A Large Collection Of Online Reference Materail.
Internet Guides - A Big List Of Internet Resource Guides.
Internet Resources - List Of Internet Resources On The Web.
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Yellow Pages & Phone Directories
The NYNEX Yellow Pages
BigYellow Nynex Interactive Yellow Pages - BigYellow: national USA yellow pages
Yahoo People Search - Find people in the US by their name or phone number
Bell Atlantic - Only Washington and Baltimore Yellow Pages.
GTE Superpages - US National Yellow Pages, plus a web directory.
Four11 - National search for names and phone numbers
Lookup USA - Another national directory of people and businesses's Area Code Look-Up - look up the area code for any city in the US or Canada
Central Source Yellow Pages - Find Virtually Any Business in the USA.
New Rider's Official WWW Yellow Pages - Search The Yellow Pages By Category.
Chinese Online Yellow Pages - directory of general information for metro Chinese residents.
WWW Business Pages - UHCBA Business Yellow Pages.
World Wide Yellow Pages - From Home Pages, Inc.
Virtual Yellow Pages - Topic Organization Of Web Pages.
World Yellow Pages Network - An Online Directory Of Businesses And Individuals.
Telephone Directory - Telephone Directories On The Web.
World Telecom Directories - Searchable database containing fax numbers of businesses in Asia
World Yellow Pages Network
Yellow Pages Online - easy-to-use yellow page directory
American Directory Assistance - addresses and phone numbers of individuals
InfoSpace - find people, business, and government numbers
Ultimate White Pages - Search white pages directories
ACR's International Calling Codes - alphabetical directory of country and city telephone codes.
NTC U.S. Phone Number Lookup - Find the geographic area for any number.
AmeriCom Long Distance AREA DECODER - An Area/City/Country Code Lookup Service
New Area Codes - courtesy of BellCore.
The Internet 800 Directory - Around 200,000 toll-free numbers
BigBook - Yellow Pages for the US
Infospace - Toll-free, fax, business and residential numbers
ATT Directory of 800 numbers - Toll Free numbers
YellowNet - National directory, allows nationwide search by category.
BellSouth Yellow Pages - Atlanta Area only.
Database America - Has a US nationwide telephone directory for people
True Yellow - A fairly basic US nationwide yellow pages.
Onvillage yellow Pages - Another US national yellow pages.
UK Local Page UK-Dir Yellow Pages Japan
Yahoo! Yellow Pages Interactive Yellow Pages Yellow Pages Plus
USA411 U.S. Yellow Pages
Domain Name Look-up World Email WhoWhere?
"Find People Who Moved" ESP Netfind
Mad's Finger Me Bigfoot Internet Address Finder
Okra Switchboard Yahoo! (phone/address)
Yahoo! (email addresses) Yahoo! (home pages) MIT's Finger Gateway
KIS WHOIS Who's Online?
Who's Who Online World Fax Directories AU Email Search
WhoWhere? (Francais) WhoWhere? (Espanol) Doug's Finger Gateway
Ahoy-Homepage Finder InfoSpace Accumail  
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Shareware, Freeware & More
Shareware.Com - C|NET Central's File Listings.
ZD Net - Ziff-Davis Software Library.
TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software.
Oak Software Depository - A Large Collection Of Software.
CWSApps List - The Consummate Winsock Apps List.
Windows95.Com - The Source For Windows95 Information And Software.
BugNet - The Center For PC Bugs And Patches.
Jumbo Shareware - A large shareware software site.
The ULTIMATE Macintosh - Large Source Of Information And Software For The Mac.
Games Domain - THE Site For Computer Game Information
PCME - PC Multimedia & Entertainment.
Archie Request Form - Archie search form.
SoftInfo - Software Product And Service Information.
File Pile Snoopie FTP Search
CICA (Windows) ArchiePlex CUI Language List
CUI Compiler's List Simtel.Net (MS DOS) Garbo (MS DOS)
CUI Database List Virtual Software Library NEXOR MAC Catalog
WinSite Albert's Ambry SW Sharing Resource Library
Small Bus. Admin Shareware Loop's Free BSD File Search BabyOil Software
Filez Macworld Software Windows95 Central
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All in One Search Pages
All-In-One Search Page - An Index Of Over 120 Internet Search Engines By William Cross.
Find-It! - Find Almost Any Resource On The Internet.
Search.Com - C|Net's Compilation Of Search Engines.
Metacrawler - Have One Search Go Through Several Search Engines At Once.
NlightN - Searches Through Many Different Internet Resources.
All4one Search Machine - Search 4 Engines And Have The Results Displayed On One Page.
Super Search - A Search Page Written In Javascript.
CityScape Internet Services - Allows you to search for all types of Internet resources.
CUSI - Configurable Unified Search Interface By Nexor.
Internet Directory - Netscape's Internet Directory.
Internet Easy Search Form - A simple form for multiple searches.
Metasearch - Search For Web Pages And Software.
Otis Index - A Front End For The Most Popular Search Engines.
Search The Internet - Has Useful Tools For Searching The Internet.
Switchboard - Find People or Businesses.
The Internet Sleuth - Search Over 1000 Databases, By The Internet Business Connection.
Where.Com - A Front End To Many Different Search Engines.
Argus Music Searcher Findspot ProFusion
MetaCrawler SavvySearch 2ask
33 Search Engines in One Page Avenue Search Beaucoup Search Engines
Benjamin's Net Navigation BigKid Internet Search Blake Cameron's Search Page
Buster! CaBOOM! CID's Search
Cosmix Mother Load Dave's Internet Search Engines Debra's Internet Search Page
Dogpile Dr. Webster's Engines eDirectory
El Paso Infopage Engines EZ-Find FrameSearch
GlobalAds GoSearch HelpnHand's Super Search
Highway 61 MetaCrawler HyperSearch Index I/spy Internet News Search
iHunt Index of Indices Internet Navigator
Internet Secretary Internet's Control Panel IS Workgroup, Search page
iSearch UK iTools! Jayde Online Directory
LED Sign The Librarian LinkSearch []
Mamma Matt's Ultimate Search Page Mike's Place
MultiSearch by Craig Lewin Net Locator NetPet's Ultra-Bookmark
NWestern College SearchIT One Stop Search Page Personal Compass
Pippin Central Powersearch Quick Internet Search
Quik-Searches Rob's Internet Search Engines Robban's SuperSearch
Search Central The Search Place The Search Satellite
Search Sites and Forms SearchZone Snake Eyes
Start Page Sunday Paper SuperSeek
Surf's UP Ted Slater's Search Engines TUSP
Ultimate Internet Search Index UltraSearch W3 Search Engines
Web Ranger Megasearch Web Search Web Searcher
Weblinks WebNdex Webtaxi
WepaPapst Suchdienst YARC  
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Internet Reference Resources
Research-It! - A Collection Of Useful Research Tools.
The Super References Resource Page - A Complete List Of References.
The New York Public Library - NYC's Valuable Resource Online
The Super Images Resource Page - A Complete List Of Image References.
Ready Reference - A Large Collection Of Online Reference Material.
Reference Shelf - A Large Collection Of Online Reference Materials.
Roget's Thesaurus - An Online Thesaurus.
Webster's Dictionary - An Online Dictionary.
The Tech Classics Archive - 400 English Translated Greek And Roman Classicals.
Online Reference - A Catalog Of References.
Almanacs - Ready Reference Almanacs
Patent Search - Source Translation & Optimization's (STO) Internet Patent Search System.
Copyright Website - Useful Information About Copyrights.
The Alternative Dictionaries - A Multilingual Dictionary.
ASL Dictionary - An American Sign Language Dictionary.
ECHO - A Translating Dictionary.
RR Dictionaries - A Large Listing Of Different Dictionaries On The Web.
Brittanica Online - The Encyclopedia Brittanica On The Web.
Smithsonian Encyclopedia - From The Smithsonian Institute.
Webliography - A Guide To Internet Resources
Library Of Congress - Search The Library Of Congress
Zip+4 Finder - Find Addresses And Their Zip+4 Codes.
Acronyms andAbbreviations WordNet (thesaurus) Webster's Dictionary
Internet Public Library InfoMine (UC libraries) Electronic Journals
Australian Libraries National Library of Australia Clearinghouse (info guides)
BabyOil Library Gloss at Stanford MultiMedia db
SOSIG ETC San Francisco Public Library
Library of Congress Rhyming Dictionary CIA World Factbook
Biographical Dictionary InterCat Penn Library Web
Roots Surnames Roots Locations Historic Roots
Genealogy Toolbox Pronunciation Dict. Braille Wizard
World-Wide Holidays/Events Facets of Religion French-English Dictionary
Ethnolog (languages) Eng. to/from Span, Ger, Ital. Leo's German/Eng. Dict.
Information SuperLibrary Middle English Collection Book On-Line by Author
Books On-Line by Title ALEX (books) NebSearch (sci-fi)
Bartlett's (quotations) Children's Lit Web Guide MIT's Shakespeare
Koran Bible Biography
Otis Online Books Index Literary Calendar Poetry
Internet Classics Arch. Faerie Lore and Lit. Encyclopedia Mythica
Quote Search    
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Yahoo! Parodies Search Engines
YoPet! Adultinks Cade? Fantastico! Jubii!
Naughty Linx Ole! Ozu Seznam Snoohoo!
Uffda! Walla! Woohoo! Yahala! Yahho
Yaih? Yeehaw Yehaa! YEOWSA! YiPPiE!
Yoohoo! Yoohoo! Lesbian yOyee! net Yankovic! Yecch!!!
Gilmoo! Hatchoo! Net'n'Yahoo! Pitt Pendulums Tyloo!
We Love Yahoo! YaBoo! Yippee!   
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Randomizers - Roll The Dice!
1000 Points of Sites AltaVista: CyberSpace Jump Bear Roulette
BlindSpinning Cool Roulette Cool Site of the Moment
Get the Hell Out of Dodge Information Supercollider LINKLAND
MagicURL Mystery Trip Matt's Link Generator Michi-Web
Random ISP Random Servers in Korea Random Generator
Star Trek Random Yahoo! Category Random Yahoo! Link
Spin the Web -For kids URouLette Vivek's Random URLs
Warhol's Famous For 15 mins. Web Autopilot WebCrawler's WebRoulette
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Newsgroups - Search Engines - USENET
Alta Vista - A large WWW index from Digital Equipment Corp.
Deja News - Search USENET Newsgroup Archives.
Tile.Net - Search USENET Newsgroups.
Excite - A Large Catalog Of Internet Newsgroups.
Newsgroup Archives - Find archives of old newsgroups.
Tile.Net - Reference to Internet Newsgroups Groups.
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Other Internet Resources
The Internet Help Desk - A Big Source Of Information For Web Beginners.
Gamelan - Directory of Java Applets.
Veronica - Use Veronica To Search GopherSpace.
Internet Info Center - Your Guide To The Internet.
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Quick Index - It's All Here
WWW Search Engines Resource Indices Resource Directories Company Indices/Directories
Super Lists Yellow Pages Internet File Searches
All in One Search Pages Reference Resources Yahoo Influenced Engines
Randomizers Newgroups Other Resources

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