Custom Tolex Repair Kit

Alien Music Products Inc. is now marketing a slick new idea in musical gear
restoration: the AmpatchTM custom tolex repair kit. These amazing kits are available
in custom pre-matched colors that enable the user to remove unsightly cigarette
burns and other blemishes without the costly process of re-covering the gear.

Another feature of the AmpatchTM Kits is the custom grain mold compound which
enables the user to perfectly match and recreate the grain pattern of the original
covering. The selection of different kits provides a repair option for many popular
guitar amplifiers, cases, and speaker enclosures, new or vintage.

The end result of AmpatchTM is a piece of gear that looks cleaner and has a higher
resale value. The arrival of AmpatchTM has now provided a low cost, do it yourself
product to make your amplifier, speaker cabinet or guitar case look as good as new.

Why use AmpatchTM?
1. AmpatchTM provides a cleaner newer appearance to your gear and
    that means higher resale value.
2. AmpatchTM repairs damaged tolex for a fraction of the cost of equipment
3. Re-covered gear lowers the value of vintage equipment.
4. AmpatchTM can be done at home in a matter of minutes.
5. AmpatchTM provides color and texture match in one package.

Who needs AmpatchTM?
1. Anyone who cares about the appearance of their gear
2. Vintage equipment buffs who need to fix minor blemishes and want to
    avoid re-covering
3. Retail stores, repair stations and pawn shops that deal in used gear
    and want to get the top dollar upon resale!

You burnt it, you tore it,
let AMPATCHTM restore it.

For more information and to order
call toll free 1-888-AMPATCH

Alien Music Products Inc.
3255 Shore Parkway - Suite 3E
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone/Fax 1-718-743-8529
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