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Complex Web Site Design?
Establish An Interactive Web Site for Your Business
The complexities of Web Sites can range widely. For example, you may require multiple Web Pages, custom forms designed to collect input from users, a database of your products that people can view, all sorted and ordered over the net, or the creation of sophisticated graphics.
EASYNETT uses the Webís interactive capabilities to provide features such as categorized on-line catalogs, electronic order forms, definition of terms, and information layering. If a customer needs more detail or wants to place an order, itís just a mouse click away.
An EASYNETT Site contains your existing promotional material, but it should also include additional information which would normally be considered excessive if used in traditional media. Because hyperlinks allow the layering of information into levels of detail, a Web Site can provide a large amount of information without appearing "cluttered". This means that any information which might be of possible interest to a customer should be offered.
An EASYNETT Web Site also contains interesting and colorful graphics to catch the readerís eye. These typically consist of company logos, photos of products, business locations, and staff, etc. The best images look professional, yet are small enough in size to avoid unnecessary delays while they are being sent to the userís terminal. EASYNETT specializes in creating attractive and compact graphic images.
Establishing a high impact business Site on the World Wide Web is the cornerstone of any successful Internet marketing program. Two features which make your EASYNETT Web Site a powerful business tool are graphics support and interactive capability through the use of hyperlinks and forms. At EASYNETT we know how to maximize your business image on the Web.
Advantages Of An EASYNETT Web Site
How will a Web Presence benefit your organization? The Web is the most rapidly growing area of technology associated with the Internet. All businesses can lower costs and boost efficiency by communicating, marketing, and selling on the Internet.
EASYNETT gives your company the advantage it needs in todayís competitive marketplace. America On-line, CompuServe, and Prodigy total only a small fraction of todayís Internet users. By providing the means for you to capture the rest of the on-line community, EASYNETT will propel your business into the future of on-line commerce targeting 100% of all Internet Users.
Key Benefits of an EASYNETT Web Presence
  • Instant access to the global marketplace of 50+ million customers, steadily growing at a million users each month.

  • Customers, prospects, suppliers and investors can see your message, request for and send you information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The timeliness, flexibility, and in depth information available from on-line companies are benefits that cannot be matched by any other medium.

  • A customer-centered multimedia environment whose average income is $52,000 per year.

  • Users can easily point and click their way across the Internet with minimal knowledge of computers and applications. Customers can find the information they want, when they want it. Your audience will have access to your companyís products and services in full color, anytime, day or night, for far less cost than television, newspaper, radio or any other advertising media.

  • A fast, economical way to distribute information worldwide.

  • With the World Wide Web, itís as easy for Internet users to send and receive video, audio, and graphical images as it is to use the telephone. As a result, companies are discovering an invaluable new method for keeping their personnel in field offices informed and trained on the latest products.

  • A secure, low-cost means of handling commercial transactions.

  • Banking, financial, and retail organizations are rapidly embracing the Internet as a delivery mechanism for their products and services. The financial services marketplace alone projects billions of dollars in savings by replacing paper with secure on-line transactions.

  • A cost-effective way to grow.

  • The Internet is, by far, the most highly leveraged distribution mechanism ever conceived. Once established, it costs the same to provide access to 50 people or 50 million people.
Top 10 Reasons
To Have a Web Presence Created & Hosted By EASYNETT
Increase Customer Awareness
Internet Web Sites allow your business to efficiently present large amounts of information to your customers that will help increase their awareness of your products and services.

Enhance Your Company Image

An Internet Web Site will enhance a companyís public image by providing positive material to large audiences on a medium that is recognized as cutting edge technology.

Reduce Your Advertising Costs

Advertising on a well designed Web Page is far more economical then other advertising mediums such as TV, newspapers, radio, direct mail, or telemarketing.

Gain Worldwide Exposure

Your advertising will be indexed around the world, around the clock, to customers as far away as the Antarctica and those as near as around the corner.

Be On Display Around The Clock

Your Web Page will always be accessible, always in the view of potential customers, and always providing important information to current customers.

Process Orders On-line

You will be able to accept on-line orders from around the world twenty four hours a day, seven days a week without the need for costly operators or sales representatives.

Get Instant Feedback

Customers can use built-in reply forms to give you instant feedback not possible through conventional media.

Provide Technical Support

Product and technical support can be administered through e-mail, increasing the productivity of your customer service and support personnel.

Keep Customers Updated

Your customers can receive the latest up to date product and service information through regularly updated Web Pages and mailing lists.

Meet Customersí Expectations

Your Web Site will allow you to continually update your corporate information and deliver it instantly to your customers providing them with quick service and up to date material.
Complete Web Site Maintenance
The Web is constantly changing. To keep attracting attention to your Web Site, you may want to keep changing it with updated information, newer graphics, more attractive layouts and additional data. Depending on the complexity of your Web Pages, we can develop a plan to maintain it at a reasonable cost.
How Do I Get My Business On The Web?
There are two main stages in designing an EASYNETT Web Presence. First, the information (text and images) that you supply to us need to be converted into hypertext (HTML) documents. Next, the documents have to be placed on our EASYNETT MARKETPLACE Web Site.
I have existing company brochures, advertisements and fliers that Iíd like to use in a Web Page. Is this possible?

We generally recommend submitting material in electronic format, as text-only files and images in specified file formats. If you do not have electronic versions available, we can convert your existing material to an electronic format.

My Web Presence has been designed and hosted. How do my customers find out about it?

Finding information on the Web can sometimes be a daunting task. If your Web Pages are hosted by EASYNETT, we will list your Site in many of the Internetís most popular indexes and databases using the appropriate keywords so that your Site can be found by using common Internet search engines. These indexes and databases are updated periodically. Due to the large amount of new Sites appearing on the Internet every day, many search engines can take up to 4 or 5 weeks to process your registration.

My Web Site has been live for a few days already, but I havenít received any phone calls or e-mail. What happened?

Remember that it may take up to five weeks for your Site to appear in Internet indexes and databases. Also keep in mind that a Web Presence is only one aspect of marketing your products or services, and does not, in itself, produce overnight results. Your Web Site should supplement and enhance existing forms of promotion, not replace them entirely. You can maximize the benefit of your Web Presence to existing customers, by including your Web Address (URL) in your business cards, letterheads and publicity materials.

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