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High Impact Web Site Promotion
Competing On A Global Scale

With EASYNETT Marketing Services and our combination of technical expertise and integrated marketing, you can position your company as a front runner reaching markets unavailable through any other medium. The Internet is now catering to such industries as Financial, Retail, Service, Travel, Consulting, Self-Improvement, Catalog, and Non-Profit Organizations. A passive, "if-you-build-it-they-will-come" approach simply will not work on the Internet. We design and execute an ongoing on-line marketing and Web Site cross indexing plan to generate the maximum amount of traffic to your Site. Additionally, we work with you to incorporate our on-line marketing into your existing marketing plan. This ensures that people not only find your Site, but they keep coming back.

Marketing on the Internet and the World Wide Web requires a strategic plan of attack. EASYNETT makes Web Site promotion and Web Site cross indexing a successful part of your total Internet marketing plan. We offer a variety of high impact promotional packages including initial Site announcements and ongoing, targeted Web Site promotions. The World Wide Web is growing at an incredible rate. As the Web expands it is critical that your Web Site stands out. Your Web Site must be easy to find and linked to high-traffic locations. Considering the Web’s continuous growth, new directories, search engines, other Site listings, and Sites complementary to yours are being added daily. It is important that this growth be addressed by your Web Site promotion and marketing plan.

EASYNETT offers a wide variety of Web Site Promotion, Submission and Cross Indexing Packages. We are URL and Web Site Submission / Cross Indexing Specialists. When you hire EASYNETT, you will receive the widest possible Internet exposure because we continually cross index and submit your Web Site to over 600 Major Web Directories & Search Engines on the Net. Your Web Site and our high impact EASYNETT Super Web Site are continually being registered with all major Internet search engines and Web Indexes. At EASYNETT, we know how to generate high traffic Sites on the World Wide Web.

Laser Targeted Web Site Promotion

An Internet specialist, scanning the Net on your behalf, will get your Web Site listed on all the subject and industry specific directories. One of our Internet experts will focus solely on your company to create a strong, customized Internet presence by establishing and maintaining a high impact Web Site promotion.

EASYNETT’s Targeted Web Site Promotion service is a "complete package". Consider this as your optimum Internet marketing, public relations and advertising resource. All of the integral elements of an effective Web Site marketing strategy are enacted by our company for the sake of your Web Site. This service is a 100% dedication of time, mind and effort on the part of your company. Think of it as your very own professional Web surfer, surfing the Net on your behalf. We offer unique promotional packages, varying in the amount of time and the scope of services you want us to carry out.

Your personal Web Site Promotional Specialist will submit your Site to the appropriate subject and industry directories on the Net. While scouring the Web, he or she will arrange reciprocal links with other Web Sites where your target market frequents. Your Site will be submitted to either our Prime 50 or 100 list of top Internet directories and search engines and our special list of top HOT and Cool Sites. As an option, full product and service descriptions will be discreetly and appropriately posted on related newsgroups on a regular basis. This is the best way to publicize your Web Site without spending the time and energy of searching out these resources and locations yourself.

Our Targeted Web Site Promotion also tackles the task of maintaining and improving your Site on the Internet. Your Site’s listing on the directories and search engines will be monitored, and updated when necessary. In addition, your Site will be submitted to the newest high impact directories on the Internet, especially those that we have just discovered. These are extremely time consuming tasks given the variability of the directories and search engines. This effort is well worth it though, as there are instances where a Site which has been correctly submitted to a search engine will not be listed as expected – it simply falls through the proverbial cracks. But with EASYNETT, that will never happen.

These are tasks that would take you or a member of your company hundreds of hours per month to create and maintain. Our knowledge, skill, resources and desire allow us to accomplish this task much more efficiently, whether it be in reference to quality, time, effort or money.

Why You Should Enlist EASYNETT’s Web Site Promotion Services Today?

RIGHT NOW is your window of opportunity. By having your Web Site on the Internet, you are already a giant step ahead of the rest. But don’t drop the ball now, run with it! Get all the exposure you can, as soon as you can. The Internet is changing very rapidly. Getting exposure now is EASY. If you wait to see what happens, you may be too late.

Just look at how fast the Internet is growing! It’s amazing just looking at the figures. You need to establish your presence NOW – before all the directories start charging for listings, before it becomes more difficult and more expensive to get exposure, and most important of all, BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION!

People Can’t Buy From You If They Can’t Find You On The Net

As an Internet entrepreneur, you are well aware that simply having a Web Site does not mean that anyone can and will find it. Obviously, with no traffic to your Web Site, there will be no sales. We have found that the first step in getting people to visit your Web Site is accomplished by getting your Site listed on the many Internet directories and search engines. After all, this is the way people look for the Internet information they are interested in.

There Are Hundreds Of Subject And Industry Specific Directories

In order for your Site to distinguish itself from the Internet community, a high impact Web Site promotion campaign needs to be designed to set your Site apart from the rest. EASYNETT’s High Impact Web Site Promotions offers this exacting service. We ensure that your company is being listed in an intelligent and sophisticated manner on all of the directories that your target market is frequenting. It’s not enough to be listed in the directories where your competition is found, you have to go above and beyond your competitors. To become properly recognized on the Net, it is important to establish specific, targeted links in all suitable locations. To accomplish this, we first review your Web Site content and resources, and then combine the information you provide us with the data we’ve gathered. Every Web Site has its own "personality" which must be taken into consideration before an effective Web Site promotion campaign can begin.

New Directories And Search Engines Continue To Emerge Everyday

There is a constant flow of new Web Directories and Search Engines on the Internet. Our EASYNETT Web Site Promotion Specialists are continually searching for the highest quality directories, the Sites which will further your marketing and advertising efforts and promote the success of your Internet business venture. This service is only one part of our Targeted On-line Web Site Promotion and takes into consideration not only the amount of exposure that your Web Site is going to receive but the type of exposure as well. The company that your Site keeps on the Internet affects not only the traffic to your Site, but more importantly, the overall image of your company.

As a first step in your on-line promotion it is important that your Site be submitted to the top prime directories, search engines, and other major listing Sites that Internet users are using every day. The fact is, people love to search, and it is important that when they do, they are able to find you. There are many search engines and directories: they all work differently, they change frequently, and they each have their own quirks and delays. These are the details that brought you to EASYNETT. The fact that you are reading this shows us that (1) You already know this, (2) You value your time, and (3) You prefer to leave the details to professionals. For this reason, we won’t sell you boring details, but our ability to submit your Web Site properly and efficiently to hundreds of search engines, directories, yellow pages, etc.

Individual Web Site Submissions
One At A Time-- We Do It Right The First Time

Your Web Site submissions are performed on an individual basis. Extensive care is taken to assure your Site is submitted within proper categories and with a proper description. We have grouped together all of the best search engines, directories, yellow pages, "What’s New" Sites, and other high profile link Sites on the Internet so that we can submit your Site in an efficient, powerful fashion. We are constantly updating our lists with new Sites and modifications to existing Sites so that our promotion services can effectively serve your announcement needs.

To maintain the absolute highest quality, we visit each Site on our list to get your Site submitted, using a detailed one-on-one process. Out of 100 directories, there are daily changes in categories, locations, submission instructions, and format. An automated program or script would become obsolete within 24 hours of writing it. This of course would result in a loss of quality. We visit each Site just as you would and fill out the submission form. Be aware of any automated submission programs – they are very likely broken!

We Are Continually Compiling New Submission Sites
A Never Ending Process

We have compiled extensive lists of Web Sites and Search Engines which offer prominent, effective and attractive postings for our clients. We are constantly locating more Sites through the resources that we possess. This is important in light of the high turnover rate on the Internet. In our list of 100 Prime Directories, we generally have between 2 and 5 changes a week. Some Sites disappear, some begin charging fees for listing, but many more are making themselves known. Keeping up to date with the Internet is only one part of our profession, but it is one which will guarantee that your exposure is as complete as possible. The time and energy required for this degree of Targeted Web Site Promotion is extensive, but we pride ourselves on taking your Web Site’s promotion to the highest level possible.

Professional, Targeted, Cost Effective & Results Oriented

Our commitment is to help you succeed on the Internet. Our team of Internet Web Site promotion specialists have spent countless hours analyzing Web traffic flow patterns, have established key business relationships with high-traffic partners, and have sought out extensive lists of Web catalogs, directories, and listing services at the local, regional, national, and global levels – and the list grows daily. Our EASYNETT promotion specialists are multi-talented individuals with marketing experience and strong Internet technical knowledge who have been trained to focus on a single Web Site to build the quality and quantity of sustainable traffic.

Effective And Realistic Web Site Promotions
Plain And Simple

There is simply no easier or quicker method of building the initial flow of traffic to visit your Web Site! Our clients will see an almost immediate increase in their Web Site traffic after enlisting our services. It’s plain and simple, when someone logs on to the Internet for the first time, or the 500th time, they go to one of the many directories or search engines and type in a keyword. They then go to the related Sites that come up. If your Site is not on that list, they will not visit! The more people that visit, the higher the chances are for added exposure through word of mouth, hot list additions, and links from related Sites. Through the existence of more links to your Web Site, your company becomes more visible. The more visible your Site is, the more likely people are to visit it.

Six Reasons Why EASYNETT Should Promote Your Web Site

Experience. We have been specializing in Web Site promotion since early 1995. Our staff of marketing specialists and Internet Web Site Promotion Specialists offer thousands of hours of on-line experience.

Quality. Our Internet Web Site Promotion Specialists are constantly searching the World Wide Web to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of on-line marketing. We scout the Internet on a daily basis, tracking the latest innovations and improvements. All this, to arrive at our goal: more exposure for our clients.

Stability. Our offices are located in the heart of New York City. Directory listing services and Internet consultations are performed in house by our qualified staff of Web Site Promotion and Marketing Specialists.

Customer Service. We offer a knowledgeable support staff to answer any questions, concerns or problems by phone or e-mail. Approximately 30 days after promotional services have been completed, one of our support staff will contact each client for an evaluation of our service performance. We strive to ensure that all of our clients remain happy clients.

Trust. You can trust us with your reputation. We have helped numerous companies and organizations both large and small to promote their Web Site and build traffic. We will handle your promotions with the same care that we used with Landmark Industries, ECS, CACC & FEGS .

Ingenuity. We strive constantly to develop new ideas and promotional programs designed to bring more traffic to your Web Site. Allowing EASYNETT High Impact Web Site Promotions to be a part of your marketing team will help ensure your on-line marketing success. The growth and dynamics of the Internet make using it as an effective marketing vehicle an exciting, yet elusive task. This is why it is important to use the latest and most creative ideas on a continuing basis. Our staff is constantly searching and creating the most effective ways of getting exposure to your Web Site.

It’s Never Too Soon To Start Haste Makes Waste

By getting started right now, you’ll be able to get that initial flow of traffic that your Web Site needs to be successful. According to a recent article in PC Magazine, there are more than 10,000 new people logging onto the Internet EVERY WEEK! The first thing these new users are going to do is try to find the subjects that interest them. Will it be your Web Site that they find, or will it be your competitors? You decide. Some of the directories are already working on a three to four week backlog. As the Internet keeps growing, that backlog is going to grow and grow. At some point in time the directories may even start to reject entries, or to charge for listings in an effort to control their backlog. You need to act right now to insure your place in all the directories.

Answers To Some Common Questions

Why Is Getting Our Web Site Listed On Major Directories So Effective In Building Traffic?

Think about it. . . What is the very first thing that you did when you first logged on to the Internet? You went to a directory or search engine and typed in a word relating to a subject that interested you. You then went to the Web Site that came up on the list. If it was not on the list, you didn’t go there! This is the way people find what they are looking for on the Internet. If you are not listed, you won’t be visited!

Why Do I Need To Be Listed On Major Directories? Isn’t Yahoo Enough?

When it comes to the Internet, you can never get too much exposure! Many of the directories on our PRIME 100 list receive over a million hits per day. You want to make sure that your Site is found by anyone searching the Net for a Web Site of your subject matter. Every link to your home page is like having another front door to your shop.

Why Do I Need This Service? I Can Do This Myself For Free!

Of course you can! IF your time is free. It is not a very pleasant job searching the Internet for all the directories, reading their submission instructions, then filling out their forms OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! It can be quite frustrating. Web Site owners who have done this before, and know how, still turn to us to get it done. We save you time and frustration. Also keep in mind that we are specialists! All of our Web Site promotion specialists are completely familiar with each directory’s submission instructions and format. If you submit to a directory without complying exactly with that directory’s specified format, your submission will likely be discarded.

Is It Worth The Effort To Be Listed On The "Smaller" Directories?

Absolutely! While a larger, more popular directory gets more traffic, your listing is one of tens of thousands. In a smaller, less popular directory you may be the only business of your type. In short, you need to get listed everywhere you are given the chance. A free link to your page can never be bad! Also, some of our "smaller" directories are not so small at all! Some get over 1 million hits per week! And a "small fry" today just may be huge next week!

How Long Will It Take Before My Web Site Is Listed?

From the time that you give us the go ahead, it will take 1 to 3 weeks for us to complete the submissions. Some directories / search engines list your Site immediately, some in a few days, and a few may take up to 3 weeks. Remember, the sooner we get started, the sooner you will see an increase in traffic to your Site.

How Will I Know When You Are Done?

When complete, we will send you an e-mail message entitled "Promotion Complete". The message will include the complete list of Sites to which you were submitted.

The PRIME 50 Web Site Promotion Plan
Each Site Submitted Individually

Being listed in the Prime 50 Internet directories is the absolute minimum that you should do to build traffic to your Web Site! There is simply no quicker or less expensive way to build real traffic almost immediately. Once you are on these directories, you’ll see an increase in traffic that you probably never even dared to hope for.

We Will Submit Your Web Site For Listing In 50 Prime Internet Directories And Search Engines $ 249.00

The PRIME 100 Web Site Promotion Plan
Each Site Submitted Individually

If you’re serious about getting people to your Web Site, this is the preferred plan that you’ll want to go with. Even if you’ve already listed your Web-Site on some of the directories, it can do no harm to have your Site submitted again. If the directory will not accept more than one submission per Web-Site, we will substitute another directory in it’s place.

We Will Submit Your Web Site For Listing In 100 Prime Internet Directories And Search Engines $ 449.00

The NewsGroup Promotion Package

Your initial NewsGroup posting entails separate listing on all of the related and subject specific newsgroups that our Specialist locates for your Site, therefore, if there are 10 highly specific newsgroups fitting your Web Site subject matter, with 100 sub groups in each, there will be a potential of 1000 postings! Discreet and carefully targeted postings on a regular basis will keep your resources available, on the minds, and on the screens of those that frequent these newsgroups. NOTE: We do not spam the newsgroups, our reputation as well as that of our clients means too much to us.

10 Hours Of Pinpoint NewsGroup Postings With Detailed Reports And Repostings $ 295.00

E-mail Press Releases And On-line Public Relations

Another method of announcing your Web Site to the world is via e-mail Press Release. By creating a concise, informative and striking news feature about your Web Site and releasing it to the various electronic and print publications world wide, you are securing another avenue of effective Web Site promotion and advertising.

EASYNETT High Impact Web Site Promotions has compiled a tight list of top e-mail based Zines, media outlets and Web-based publications. This list includes not only the monoliths of the publishing and broadcast industry but the newest and freshest periodicals as well. Our selections have been made based on readership, prestige, innovation and their interest in publishing Web-based information.

Our clients’ press releases are read by some of the largest broadcasting and publishing corporations world wide; your Site could be the next to benefit from the huge potential that this method provides. These publications have extremely diverse readership. By submitting a press release for editorial review, you may be providing the niche of information that a particular publication is searching for at this moment.

One bit of information about your Web Site can translate into a feature story, Site review, announcement or other type of positive exposure. This advertising technique is utilized by nearly all of the large Fortune 500 companies which send out press releases on a regular basis to increase exposure of their companies and products. One small article in the right magazine or newspaper can provide your company with more exposure than could ever be purchased.

The sooner you submit your press release for consideration the sooner you can cash in on the news agencies’ and magazine publishers’ voracious appetite for ‘anything Internet’. You have seen the TV commercials and read the newspapers columns regarding various Internet innovations and products – understand that there is a nationwide hunger for on-line information that must be satisfied.

If you provide something interesting, satisfying and informative, there is a good chance your story will be picked up. Right now is the best time for you to get exposure for your Web Site, your company, and most important of all, your products! There is no better advertisement than a news story, and there is no less expensive method of such large scale advertising – just a small classified ad in the back of a magazine can cost several hundred dollars. An article written about your company or your Web Site is free and could send your Web Site hits sky high.

20 Hours Of Strategic Public Relations And E-Mail Press Releases With Detailed Reports $ 495.00

NOTE: If any of the above Directories, Indices, or Search Engines are down or not accepting submissions, we will submit your information to an alternate Site. Upon submitting, if a Site informs us that your URL already exists in its database, we will move on and submit you to an alternate Site.

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