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What Is The Internet?
The Internet And Your Business
It’s Time To Get On Information Super Highway
Businesses spend billions of dollars every year to communicate their message to potential consumers. Businesses are now discovering that they can advertise to the Internet community at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. With tens of millions of Net surfers out there in Cyberspace today, Internet advertising is an intriguing opportunity not to be overlooked. When 1999 rolls around and there are more than one hundred million consumers on the Internet, we may see ad agencies and advertising-supported magazines go under as businesses learn to communicate directly to consumers in "cyberspace". Establishing a high impact World Wide Web Presence is an extremely effective and powerful way to present today’s businesses to the public and to future customers. Businesses can display their products and services in a rich environment of multimedia sight and sound. Today’s forward thinking businesses are already establishing a Web Presence in order to project their image to millions of Internet users. Your business can place a simple advertisement in EASYNETT’s high visibility Web Pages or have a virtual storefront on our high traffic Web Site. EASYNETT specializes in FULL SERVICE Web Page design, Strategic Marketing, Web Site installation, Full Service Web Page hosting and complete Web Site maintenance packages.
The Internet
What’s It All About?
Unless you have been living at a monastery in a faraway land, you have probably heard of the Internet, how everyone’s computer will be connected to each other, and how it will change everyone’s lives. But what exactly is the Internet? Unlike other proprietary and restricted commercial on-line services, such as CompuServe, America On-line, and Prodigy, the Internet is a gigantic unrestricted network of networks, the result of thousands of computer systems agreeing to be connected to each other. It is a globally connected computer network with over 50 million users expanding by almost a million new users each month. The Internet allows you to order a vast array of products and services on-line, chat with people around the world, send and receive electronic mail, subscribe to electronic newsletters, do extensive research using normally hard to access databases, and make important new business contacts. By simply using your computer, you can take part in discussion groups about thousands of topics ranging from astrophysics to zebras, giving you access to a tremendous amount of information. Through your computer you can connect to virtually any server connected to the Internet and download all types of valuable information and software. Almost anything you can think of is just a mouse click away. A primary reason for the astounding growth of the Internet is its adoption by the business community as a powerful tool in all aspects of business operations. Businesses find that they can use the Internet to increase their sales and marketing reach, improve the quality of their customer service, and conduct interactive communications with customers. The Internet is powerful, inexpensive, and omnipresent. That’s why, in the past year alone, thousands of organizations from all sectors of the world economy have embraced the Internet as a fundamental tool to conduct daily business.
What is the World Wide Web?
The World Wide Web (often referred to as "the Web" or "WWW") is one of the newest, most dynamic parts of the Internet, and is the fastest-growing component on the net. The Web is a collection of interconnected documents linked to one another and viewed by a graphical based Web Browser. These documents can display not only text, but graphic images, sounds, and even movies. In addition to displaying all types of information, the Web may also be used to collect information, such as requests for more information or orders for products and services.
What Does EASYNETT Offer?
First and foremost, we are a highly experienced FULL Service Web Presence Design & Strategic Marketing / Advertising firm. We take the time to carefully educate our clients on the major benefits and minor drawbacks of having an on-line presence. We tell it to you straight.
Why is EASYNETT Different From Other Web Presence Firms?
First, we’re very flexible. We want to provide the best possible solution for each project, based on your needs.
Second, we’re cutting-edge. The on-line world is growing and changing at an unbelievable pace. And we keep up with all of it – it’s our business to do so. If it’s new, if it’s hot, we know about it. And we want to help you know about it, too.
Third, we’re responsive. Since we’re small and flexible, we can provide you with very personalized service. And we’re always on call, whenever you need us.
Fourth, we’re experienced and professional. We’ve been involved with the Web for the last two and a half years. We know the ins and the outs of producing high impact Web Pages. Frankly, a very large number of firms have been trying to get into this business recently, but we’ve been here. And we intend to stay here for a very long time to come, providing you with the best possible services that you can find, anywhere, at any price.
EASYNETT’s Professional Staff
We Have The Technical Expertise You Need
EASYNETT combines creative design and leading edge technology to provide our clients a first-class, highly effective World Wide Web Presence. From single page HTML documents to full blown corporate Web Site development, EASYNETT has the technical expertise, experience, and talent to get your message out on the Web effectively and efficiently. Our exceptional pool of talent includes expert HTML and CGI programmers, professional graphic designers, advertising and editorial copywriters, editors, systems experts and on-line marketing professionals. We consistently stay abreast of new developments and breakthrough technologies and put these to work for the success of our clients. EASYNETT will work side by side with your business team to design and implement an exciting, effective and attractive Web Page and Site for the Internet. We can put together everything from a simple informational Site to a webbed version of your company catalog, complete with secure interactive on-line ordering.

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