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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Internet the same as on-line services such as America On-line, CompuServe or Prodigy?

On-line services are not equivalent to the Internet. Many on-line services now include some form of restricted Internet access, and such restricted access may not provide you with all the features you could use if you had direct access to the Internet.

Is a Web Presence designed by EASYNETT going to increase my business?

Many businesses which have established a Web Site value the increased customer interaction and exposure that a well-designed EASYNETT Web Presence brings. However, the Web may not be an appropriate medium for all businesses. EASYNETT will analyze the options available for your organization and provide you with no nonsense advice to help you make this decision.

How do I get my business on the Web?

There are two main stages in designing an EASYNETT Web Presence. First, the information (text and images) that you supply to us need to be converted into hypertext (HTML) documents. Next, the documents have to be placed on our EASYNETT MARKETPLACE Web Site.

I have existing company brochures, advertisements and fliers that Iíd like to use in a Web Page. Is this possible?

We generally recommend submitting material in electronic format, as text-only files and images in specified file formats. If you do not have electronic versions available, we can convert your existing material to an electronic format.

My Web Presence has been designed and hosted. How do my customers find out about it?

Finding information on the Web can sometimes be a daunting task. If your Web Pages are hosted by EASYNETT, we will list your Site in many of the Internetís most popular indexes and databases using the appropriate keywords so that your Site can be found by using common Internet search engines. These indexes and databases are updated periodically. Due to the large amount of new Sites appearing on the Internet every day, many search engines can take up to 4 or 5 weeks to process your registration.

My Web Site has been live for a few days already, but I havenít received any phone calls or e-mail. What happened?

Remember that it may take up to five weeks for your Site to appear in Internet indexes and databases. Also keep in mind that a Web Presence is only one aspect of marketing your products or services, and does not, in itself, produce overnight results. Your Web Site should supplement and enhance existing forms of promotion, not replace them entirely. You can maximize the benefit of your Web Presence to existing customers, by including your Web Address (URL) in your business cards, letterheads and publicity materials.

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