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In Conclusion

The on-line medium will be its very own unique type of business quite separate from traditional print, film or retail mediums. For bigger businesses, the best approach is to create a separate electronic business unit that can draw from the assets of the company but is not limited by them. Donít just scan in the catalog or download the text of a publication. Instead, create new content that makes the most of the medium.

Donít think anymore in terms of 8.5" x 11". Your documents and medium include computers, graphics and text on computers in other parts of the world, sound, video and simultaneous voice communications. The technology is in place. Its limitations are being pushed outward everyday. What they said was impossible yesterday is reality today.

The Internet is an unavoidable reality of doing business in the next millennium. It is here to stay. Your business can benefit from putting Home Pages on the Internet today. Sales can be dramatically increased almost overnight. Overhead cost reductions can be obtained by using strategic Internet systems to displace communications otherwise effected in person, on the phone, via mail, or via costlier networks and network services. Additional cost reductions may also be obtained through automation of the order processing cycle and of responses to frequently-asked questions in the realms of sales support and customer service.

A more substantial contributor to profit expansion comes from the creation of new channels for attracting and responding to sales interest. Other contributors include gains in real and perceived quality of customer service, increases in customer retention through strategically developed systems linkages, and error avoidance through faster or more complete internal and company-customer communications. The Webís maturation as an easily used information access and search mechanism will threaten obsolescence for some businesses. Donít let that business be yours!

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