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Why You Should Advertise
On The EASYNETT & ALLNY Super Web Sites

The newest and fastest-growing opportunity for on-line business sales is advertising on the Internet, specifically on the World Wide Web. Small to mid-size companies will benefit most from this Internet explosion, because the Internet offers a more level playing field to those smaller organizations that could never before afford the advertising and distribution costs that the larger companies could. While the major companies are investing enormous amounts of money for their own Web servers and Internet Presence, smaller companies can get the same, if not better, high impact exposure for substantially less money by advertising on the HIGH TRAFFIC EASYNETT and ALLNY Super Web Sites

Advertising on EASYNETTís and ALLNYís Super Web Sites is similar in many ways to other popular advertising mediums, but it has several added advantages. In print advertising, for example, the object is to publish and disseminate many copies to readers. On the Internet, however, it is possible for all readers to view a single electronic ad or company Home Page on demand. In television advertising, companies face a serious dilemma: an advertisement may appear on millions of television sets, but if the ad is not seen when broadcast, or if it is shown during an unpopular time slot, the cost of that advertisement is lost. There is also a limit to what can be absorbed in fifteen to thirty seconds.

Because all EASYNETT ads and Home Pages are available to an unlimited number of Internet users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they can be read and absorbed at the pace and convenience of the reader. Also, Internet ads and Home Pages can be any size and are unlimited in scope; a restaurant, for example, can list its entire menu and even a picture of its dining room if the owner so chooses. In television advertising, where and when an ad shows up is extremely important (we all know how much people pay for those Superbowl time slots). On the Internet, an adís placement is also essential but placing an ad on the Internet is far less expensive than it is on television. You can place your ad or company Home Page on our high traffic Super Web Site in over 1400 unique EASYNETT and ALLNY department sections. With EASYNETT you target and reach a large audience, at a tiny fraction of the relative price!

How We Attract Customers To EASYNETTís Super Web Site

No matter how terrific an ad may be, everyone knows that no one buys a magazine or watches television simply to look at advertisements - people want to read an article or watch a program that interests them. Only when people are motivated to read or watch something of interest do they place themselves in an advertiserís line of sight. Just as people try to find reading or viewing material that interests them, Internet users go on-line for the same reason.

Because EASYNETT recognizes this important truth, we have developed a SUPER WEB SITE and total Internet promotional program that will attract Net surfers to the Pages that carry our clientsí advertisements. In a very singular fashion, EASYNETT acts as the advertising agency, the advertising venue, and the content creator.

A Unique Advertising Advantage ALLNY.COM
A Traffic Magnet For Your Ads

EASYNETT has designed a SUPER WEB SITE ( ALLNY.COM ) - the premier Site for information in, on and about New York City and the metro area. Our new Super Web Site brings together all there is to know about this diverse city. A user can look up anything from theater and movie reviews to where to buy anything wholesale or at a bargain, how to reach someone at City Hall or whatís going on all night.

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ALLNY has more than 265 main sections under categories such as tourism, dining out, employment, business resources, and apartments for rent, sale or sublease. We describe the various areas of the city and what there is to do, see and buy in each of them. We include extensive resources on the arts, fashion, gourmet foods, jewelry, travel, and much much more. A wide range of services and products, personals and classifieds are listed and indexed. In short, if itís in or about New York, we have it.

ALLNY features the most comprehensive listing of activities and information about the most fascinating city in the world. Every person needs to know whatís happening where and when, whether he or she is a local resident, tourist or business traveler. ALLNY has the info people need - itís that simple.

By creating a High Traffic Super Web Site that viewers would come to for its utilitarian content, ALLNY & EASYNETT provides an ideal environment to present your Display Ads and host your Home Pages. A Home Page or Display Ad, no matter how great, may never be seen unless it is associated with some attraction. ALLNY is that high traffic attraction. EASYNETT combines a truly popular Web Site to host ads and Home Pages, the expertise to create a high impact Internet Presence, and access to the Internet - all under one roof.

Location, Traffic & High Visibility
We Have It, They Donít, You Should!

As they say in Real Estate (Location, Location, Location), where an ad is placed may be as important as what it says. If you have a great ad or Home Page but no one knows itís there, it may never be seen. Our unique approach, as an Internet Presence Provider, is that we offer posting on our Web Site with its built-in traffic. This is invaluable to small or medium size businesses that need a cost effective, innovative, turn-key method for establishing a total Internet Presence and an interactive on-line transactional solution.

At EASYNETT, we understand the challenges and opportunities for business on the Internet. We provide realistic goals, reliable advice, and informed long-range strategic planning. Our team combines years of experience in Internet services, design, and related computer technology.

The prospective client will have all aspects of their Internet requirements examined from a departmental, technical and functional standpoint. Each part of a clientís Internet solution will be assigned to an experienced technical specialist in his related area of proven expertise. Web Page maintenance and updating will further enhance our relationship and reputation with the client. EASYNETT will become the critical component of the clientís on-line business success.

The final result will be a tightly integrated, very professional Internet solution and Web Presence package that not only satisfies the client but also represents the high quality of our services. EASYNETT is committed to providing the highest level of Internet capabilities and expertise available.

The EASYNETT Super Web Site
Get The On-line Advertising Advantage Your Business Needs
Why You Should Advertise Your Company or Business In The EASYNETT SUPER WEB SITE?

Keep in mind that The EASYNETT SUPER WEB SITE was conceived and built as a pro-active and unique multi-faceted delivery mechanism for business sales, advertising, marketing and promotion. Todayís future thinking businesses are staking their claims on the ever increasing power and influence of the Internet by establishing a World Wide Web Presence. EASYNETT offers the perfect Internet advertising venue coupled with high impact Internet marketing, high profile Presence positioning, broad based on-line sales mechanisms and high impact custom Home Page and Web Page creation. Our expert technical and marketing staff can design and implement a total Internet solution that meets all your business needs. Businesses can place a simple advertisement or a full-service virtual on-line storefront on our Super Web Site with no hassle and relatively low expenditure.

EASYNETT recognizes that your audience and ours are a sophisticated and intelligent lot. We respect their intelligence and integrity as consumers. Todayís Net surfers live in a barrage of on-line media and have developed sophisticated bullshit filters. If you as a business, with a quality on-line Net Presence, do right by them, they will do right by you. Itís that simple. Use The EASYNETT SUPER WEB SITE as a gateway to your business. Think of your Ad Module in EASYNETT as a gateway to your companyís Home Page. Your Ads and Web Pages can take Net surfers to your on-line content with the click of a mouse.

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