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EASYNETT Additional Services And Options

EASYNETT combines creative design and leading edge technology to provide our clients with a first-class, highly effective World Wide Web Presence. From single page HTML documents to full-blown corporate Web Site development, EASYNETT has the technical expertise, experience, and talent to get your message out on the Web effectively and efficiently.

Our exceptional pool of talent includes expert HTML and CGI programmers, professional graphic designers, advertising and editorial copywriters, editors, systems experts and on-line marketing professionals. We consistently stay abreast of new developments and breakthrough technologies and put these to work for the success of our clients.

EASYNETT will work side by side with your business team to design and implement an exciting, effective, and attractive Web Page / Site for the Internet. We can put together everything from a simple informational Site to a webbed version of your company catalog, complete with secure interactive on-line ordering.

Today’s future thinkers and progressive companies are joining the race to take advantage of the easiest and most innovative way to market their business or product: an interactive Web Page on the ‘Net! It’s that simple!

Custom Graphic Design For Web And Home Pages

Custom Graphic Design For Web And Home Pages $ 75.00 Per Hour
Logos, Advertisements, Banners, Graphic Elements, Buttons, Frames, Borders, Clickable Graphics, etc.

Not to be confused with HTML coding, Web Page Graphic Design involves the design of graphical buttons, special menus, screen layouts, logos, typography, advertisements, banners, graphic elements, frames, borders, clickable graphics, Image Maps, all types of artwork and all visual, auditory, and other sensory design aspects of the interaction between the user and the Web Page.

EASYNETT doesn’t offer off-the-shelf solutions. Design is a process through which a solution to a client’s communications problem may be found. The process includes working with the client to understand and define the client’s message and audience. By involving the client in the process, EASYNETT ensures that the design solution is appropriate to your needs while it effectively communicates your message.

Our professional design staff can create full presentations from scratch, generating source materials as needed, or convert your existing materials. We understand the underlying technologies and thus the special design requirements that the Web demands. In addition to visual design, our Web Page design expertise includes customized programming for sophisticated user interaction, ongoing Web Page maintenance, audio and video processing, and more.

At EASYNETT we take our graphic design very seriously. Our team of graphic artists can create dazzling, eye catching graphics to give your Web Page and Site a full color, professional look that will attract and impress potential customers. We’ll help you display your product line, detail your services, announce major press releases and allow your customers to communicate with you, place orders, or request more information via on-line forms. Your Web Page will become a virtual showroom, high impact advertisement, a corporate newsletter and a customer support center all in one!

Custom HTML Coding For Web & Home Pages

Custom HTML Coding For Web & Home Pages $ 75.00 Per Hour
Expert HTML Programming, ( Hypertext Markup Language ) – HTML Coding & Web Page Design

All Web Pages and Web Sites programmed by EASYNETT’s expert HTML programmers may be viewed with any Web Browser, but are primarily designed using the enhanced HTML 3.0 features of Netscape 2.0 such as animated graphics, columns, backgrounds, and tables. Our design philosophy is to stay on the cutting edge and to use enhanced design features when they are appropriate. We generally do our development work on Netscape and urge our clients to purchase this Browser and stay current with the Netscape upgrades. The challenge of Internet Web Page programmers and developers such as ourselves is to design our Web Pages so that the presentation looks as good as possible for as many users as possible.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the formatting and architectural language of the World Wide Web. HTML is comprised of "markup codes" which are entered into a text file to define how it will appear to a Web Browser. For example, codes are used to layout text and images on a Web Page. More sophisticated codes implement hyperlinks to other documents, files, and programs on the Internet.

Custom Design CGI Scripting

Custom Designed CGI Scripting......................................................$ 95.00 Per Hour
Specialized CGI, Perl script creation and Web Page interface design

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI scripting allows us to create interactive Web Sites that are customized according to a visitor’s input. Applications include links to existing databases, interactive fill-out forms, guest books, counters, and automated e-mail response systems.

How Can CGI Help My Business And Sales?

Without customer feedback, Web Pages can be a pretty one-sided situation. They may get a potential customer interested in your product or service, but if the customer can’t contact you in an easy and efficient manner you may not see any sales. Properly engineered forms can make it easy for a potential customer to communicate with you. That communication process can range anywhere from a request for more information to a full blown on-line product catalog that manages the entire ordering process. Web Pages can generate interest, but it is customer communication that results in a sale. The easier it is for a customer to initiate that communication, the more likely it is that they will take the opportunity to do so.

What Will My Customer Feedback Look Like?

CGI programs can do any number of different things with the data that they collect from your Web Page HTML forms. Reports can be formatted and e-mailed to your Internet mailbox. In some cases the program can automatically generate a fax containing custom generated information making it unnecessary for you to have an e-mail address, or even a computer for that matter. For companies that already have an information infrastructure, CGI programs can interface directly with company databases in order to answer customer queries and insert customer order data. The flexibility of CGI allows EASYNETT to tailor the output data to fit the capabilities of your company’s information infrastructure – even if you don’t have an information infrastructure.

Why Is EASYNETT "Your CGI Expert"?

At EASYNETT, our CGI programmers have many years of experience building Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) for Fortune 1000 companies and other small to medium size businesses. We thoroughly understand the technology behind CGI, and we know how to create efficient and easy-to-use interactive customer interfaces. We know that the difference between a form that gets used and one that doesn’t depends on how intuitive it is and how many keystrokes and mouse clicks it takes for a customer to complete a transaction. The easier it is to use, the more likely it is that the request will be completed. Poorly designed forms can result in customer frustration – and that can result in lost sales. Your customers want to communicate with you! Make it easy for them with CGI applications designed by EASYNETT’s expert CGI programmers.

Custom Designed Clickable Image Maps

Custom Designed Clickable Image Maps $ 75.00 Per Hour

EASYNETT specializes in the design and creation of clickable Image Maps where different areas of an image function as hotspots to other Web Pages, Web Sites and media elements. Image Maps have a variety of useful, implementations such as graphical navigation tools, interactive schematic diagrams, and exploded views and pie charts. A clickable Image Map not only enhances your Web Page’s appeal, but dramatically increases its capabilities. In some cases, a creatively designed Image Map can make the difference between a so-so and a really impressive Web Page.

Changes To Your Web Pages & Custom Editing

Changes To Your Web Pages & Custom Editing $ 50.00 Per Hour

Many clients require regular updates with the latest news, product or service releases. Once your Web Page is on-line, EASYNETT will add or modify Web Pages, graphics and copy as required.

Custom Copywriting For Your Web & Home Pages

EASYNETT will analyze all aspects of your company and identify your on-line marketing goals, then we will produce dead-on copy that targets your clients in a clear and concise format.

Custom Designed Data Entry & User Input Forms
On-line Ordering and Data Entry / User Input Forms, An EASYNETT Specialty

For clients who would like to sell products on-line, on-line ordering through the World Wide Web is one of our specialties. EASYNETT has developed many simple and complex point and click ordering interfaces which can be integrated into your Web Pages, giving Internet users an easy way to purchase or inquire about products interactively. Users fill out a form to give their name, address, and other relevant information and can make payment with a credit card. Credit card information is 100% encrypted on our server, securing this critical data. Orders are either e-mailed or faxed to your specified order processing facility.

User input forms are designed to allow you to attain information from the individuals using your Home and Web Pages. This information is manually typed in by the user and may include such items as their name, address, phone number, e-mail address, comments, and questions to name just a few. In these forms, you can ask any type of question and allow for the user to respond. The results of each form submitted can then be forwarded to your E-mail account or fax machine where you can view them. User input forms are ideal for your Web Page if you want to offer on-line ordering, access controls, surveys and just about any type of user interaction.

Custom Designed Internet Surveys, Data Entry Design & Reporting

EASYNETT will design and implement complete Internet surveys that incorporate interactive data entry forms, buttons, text entry windows, artwork, and graphic elements, etc. Each survey design will be built on a custom database that is directly linked to the clients’ Web Page. Detailed reporting can be formatted in any way the client wishes and then directed to the clients E-mail box, directory or other designated area.

Custom Designed Databases For Sales Ordering, Forms & Surveys

We take database design, reporting and data entry forms processing a step beyond with the ability to channel and report on the ordering of products and services directly to your E-mail box, directory or office via FAX. You need not even have an Internet connection to have an effective and profitable Internet Presence. A potential client from any country in the world can place an order directly to you within seconds of filling out your EASYNETT Web Page form. Detailed database reporting can be formatted to the client’s specifications and delivered to any repository. Daily safety backups and data integrity checks are included with all databases that EASYNETT implements.

Custom Designed Clickable Sound Features For Your Web Pages Per Project

EASYNETT will design and implement "Real Audio" sound buttons and capabilities into your Web Pages allowing Net surfers to hear custom audio and music.

Custom Designed Clickable Video Features For Your Web Pages Per Project

EASYNETT will digitally capture and format your video images then incorporate them into your Web Pages. Your video clips can be captured in many different resolutions to ensure proper Web Page size and down loading performance.

Custom Web Page Statistics Reporting & Database Statistics Reporting

Custom Web Page Statistics Reporting & Database Statistics Reporting $ 10.00 Per Month

How do I know if people are actually visiting my Web Page? Simple! Within your Web Page design, EASYNETT builds in many features to measure responses or give visitors the opportunity to respond, comment, or purchase. The EASYNETT Internet server records every visit to your Site, and we present you with an access and statistical report on a regular basis.

Custom Graphics Scanning

Custom Graphics Scanning $ 10.00 Per Scanned Graphic, $ 20.00 Set-up

EASYNETT will scan your images and incorporate them into your Web Pages. We can scan photos, line art, artwork and solid objects at resolutions from 75 to 2400 dpi. All images will be saved in optimum graphic file format.

Custom OCR Text Scanning & Calibration

Custom OCR Text Scanning & Calibration $ 10.00 Per Page, $ 20.00 Set-up

EASYNETT will OCR scan your text pages, carefully proof them, then incorporate them into your Web Pages based on your specific requirements.

Web & Home Page Marketing and Public Relation Per Project

Our advantage lies not only in our programming and design expertise, but in a solid marketing background. More than a company of engineers, we are marketing professionals who can guide you through the right marketing avenues to construct an effective on-line marketing plan that will produce the very best possible results you require.

Custom Designed URL Links Based On Specific Requirements Per Project

URL Linking and Cross Indexing along with client Web Page promotion is one of our most important services. This is the process of submitting and listing the clients Web Site and Web Page URL with a wide range or popular Internet directories and super indexes so prospects can find you quickly and easily when searching for a particular topic of interest.

E-Mail Box For Your Web Page Inquiries $ 10.00 Per Month

We provide you with information requests from your Internet customers. Includes printouts and reports. All of our Web Pages give your potential clients the ability to respond directly to you via your E-Mail.

Web Page Maintenance & Updating
The FLEX-CHANGE maintenance Package $ 500.00 Per Month

Why the "FLEX-CHANGE" Maintenance Package? This special Web and Home Page maintenance package offers you the ultimate in design flexibility and control of your ongoing Internet Presence, advertising and editing. You receive all the features of our strategic business consulting services plus unlimited general revisions for your company’s Home Page and attached advertisements. This package is ideal for businesses who have daily or weekly promotions, or changes in inventory, etc. Customer will supply copy and graphics to be revised and updated. CGI scripting, Database programming and Forms modifications are additional.

GROUP Training & Educational Services

$ 75.00 Per Hour, 6 Hour Minimum

Block Hour Discounts Are Available, Please Call For Pricing

Lectures, seminars and workshops presented to large or small groups at your Site or ours – talk about flexibility! We can cover general Internet topics, instruction on specific Internet tools and even teach custom designed classes. We will be happy to customize a class for you and your organization. On-Site equipment and PC hardware is additional (travel time or related expenses not included).

Individual / Personal Consulting Services

$ 75.00 Per Hour, 6 Hour Minimum

Block Hour Discounts Are Available, Please Call For Pricing

Strategic Business Consulting Services

$ 95.00 Per Hour, 4 Hours Min

Block Hour Discounts Are Available, Call For Pricing

The Internet contains a wealth of information and business opportunities. In order for your business to benefit from using the Internet, you must first determine what the Internet can offer to you and what you can offer in return (our Consulting Services are designed to provide you with these answers). Once your objectives are defined and you are ready to put a face in ‘Cyberspace,’ EASYNETT helps you to implement and operate your WWW Presence. We personally work with you or your organization to ensure that your WWW Pages get ‘published’ in a strategic and effective environment.

If you are just in the planning stages of becoming a personal Net user – or have questions as to how to maximize your Internet access with improved navigational strategies or marketing your products or services via the Net, we can provide you with valuable and serious answers. Your connection to the Internet is one of the most important assets you will have in today’s networked marketplace, so give us a call and let us help you get connected (travel time or related expenses not included). This package includes in-depth design and marketing consultation, starting with your data files, brochures and ads. We provide realistic solutions covering effective formatting and presentation of your information.

Domain Name Registration: FREE

Domain Name Registration Service: We can submit your custom Domain Name, business or personal, to the Network Information Center (NIC) and coordinate its implementation. Or, if you already have a custom Domain Name, we can coordinate any changes that may be required to transfer your Site to our service and obtain any IP addresses.

Your Domain Name Web address will look like this: ( ). NIC charges and maintenance fees are additional.

The FLEX-CHANGE Business Package $ 500.00 Per Month

Why the "FLEX-CHANGE" Business package? This special Web and Home Page maintenance package offers you the ultimate in design flexibility and control of your on-going Internet Presence, advertising and editing. You receive all the features of our strategic business consulting services plus unlimited general revisions for your company’s Home Page and attached advertisements. This package is ideal for businesses who have daily or weekly promotions, or changes in inventory, etc. Customer will supply copy and graphics to be revised and updated. CGI and Forms modifications are additional.

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