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Proven Expertise That Redefines Web Site Design,
E-Commerce & Strategic Internet Marketing

  • High Impact Web Site Design
  • High Speed & Full Service Web Site Hosting
  • Complex & Creative Web Presence Design
  • Targeted Sales Driven E-Commerce Solutions
  • Advanced Database E-Commerce Solutions
  • Comprehensive On-Line Business Strategy
  • Strategic & Top Search Engine Placement
  • Results Oriented & Measured Cyber Advertising
  • Focused & Targeted On-Line Public Relations
  • Viral, Guerrilla & Stealth Cyber Marketing
  • Comprehensive Cyber & Internet Branding
  • Opt-In, Targeted & Viral E-Mail Campaigns
  • State-Of-The-Art Shopping Cart Solutions
  • Complete On-Line Catalog & Ordering Solutions
  • Innovative On-Line Information Architectures
  • Custom & Specialized Software Applications
  • Complete Site Tracking & Statistical Analysis
  • Technical Site Administration & Reporting
  • VeriSign Certificates & SSL Encryption
  • Intuitive & Intelligent End-User Interfaces
  • Complete Project & Operations Management
  • We understand what ROI means
  • We understand that you require results
  • We are proven technical experts
  • We're thorough, very thorough
  • We pay attention to every detail
  • We follow-up promptly and attentively
  • We communicate on your level, not in techno-speak
  • If we don't know an answer, we'll say so and find it for you
"Our goal is your success...
We know our own success
depends on it!"

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Proven Expertise That Redefines Web Site Design,
E-Commerce & Strategic Internet Marketing

First and foremost, Easynett is a highly experienced, nuts and bolts, full service web presence design firm, specializing in full service high impact web site design, strategic cyber marketing, cyber-PR, cyber advertising, cyber branding and high speed site hosting. Unlike other firms, Easynett specializes in FULL SERVICE HIGH-SPEED web site hosting. From large E-commerce sites to small e-business solutions, Easynett has a sophisticated network operations center, (NOC), that features high-speed access to the internet via the Sprint backbone. Easynett currently hosts, strategically markets and maintains over 34 client web sites and domains. Our philosophy is simple! we take the time to carefully educate our clients on the major benefits and minor drawbacks of having an on-line presence.

We tell it to you straight. We don't waste your time or money!
Easynett  believes  that  with  the  tremendous  growth  in  the use of on-line
E-commerce   web   technologies   around   the   world,   companies   must
re-evaluate their traditional business models and incorporate on-line cyber sales, communications & marketing into their organizations in order to remain competitive. Easynett helps companies succeed and interact effectively, both internally with employees and externally with customers, vendors and suppliers, in this new cyber environment. Easynett designs and implements realistic and complete web, E-commerce, communications and marketing solutions to enhance our clients' core business, sales, operations and communications.


Easynett offers an integrated package of flexible services consisting of strategic Internet consulting, intuitive design of on-line information architectures and end-user interfaces, creation and customization of specialized software applications necessary to implement a complete on-line e-commerce solution. Easynett employees have proven nuts and bolts expertise in a broad range of disciplines including e-commerce, cyber business strategy, cyber marketing, cyber branding, sophisticated web programming technology and creative graphic design.

From a detailed needs analysis of your on-line business requirements to the implementation of a focused comprehensive solution, Easynett works side by side with your staff from start to finish. As a result, clients benefit not only from the time and cost savings of working with a single, client friendly, firm, but also from the optimized cyber solution made possible by Easynett's integrated service offering. We believe that our integrated, full-service approach differentiates us from other service providers that focus on a single aspect of the service offering.


Easynett enables our clients to improve their overall business practices and Cyber presence by providing cutting edge digital web solutions that increase sales, improve on-line communications and create enhanced Cyber brand identities. At Easynett we look beyond the obvious solutions. Instead of 3 chess moves ahead, we look 20 moves ahead.

Because the end-user determines the ultimate success of a client's sales, product or service, EASYNETT carefully analyzes end-user needs and applies its creativity and cyber expertise to create on-line web solutions that are easy-to-use, enjoyable, functional and optimized for a particular need. EASYNETT utilizes in-depth information from clients, third party sources and end-user research to develop user profiles along with product and service characteristics that serve as the basis for the design and development of its digital on-line solutions. EASYNETT believes that this end-user-focused approach distinguishes the Company from its competitors. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have to clearly identify your target market requirements and then construct an effective on-line solution that completely satisfies those requirements.



Easynett's expertise is comprised of full service high impact web site design, high speed site hosting, strategic cyber marketing, cyber-PR, cyber advertising and cyber branding.

Easynett provides an integrated package of flexible services consisting of:
* Strategic Internet consulting
* Intuitive on-line information architectures
* Innovative end-user interfaces
* Specialized software applications
* Complete on-line e-commerce solutions

Easynett employees have proven expertise in a broad range of disciplines including:
* Comprehensive on-line & cyber business strategy
* Cyber, strategic, guerrilla, stealth and viral marketing
* Cyber branding
* Cyber, strategic and guerrilla public relations
* Cyber and strategic advertising
* Sophisticated web programming
* Advanced application development
* Creative graphic design
* Graphical user interface design
* Complete project and operations management

Easynett specializes in sophisticated on-line e-commerce solutions, development and deployment. Everything from full-blown sales driven catalog sites, on-line inventory control systems, to real time on-line order processing and credit card transactions.
* Complete shopping cart solutions
* On-line credit card billing solutions
* Complete on-line catalog and ordering solutions
* Product & catalog search engine solutions
* Secure socket layer certificates & encryption
* Complete reporting, tracking and statistical analysis
* Full service e-commerce web hosting & administration

Easynett programming specialists will design, develop and deploy sophisticated web centric and database driven e-commerce solutions based on our client's exact needs and on-line marketing / sales requirements. When it comes to serious database driven web solutions, Easynett prides itself on its reputation for technical and deployment expertise.

Development of a robust E-commerce web site requires clear vision, a deep understanding of business rules, and detailed planning. Easynett invests heavily in technology research and staff development, and has established expertise in the leading tools and technologies for building E-commerce applications. We use a combination of custom solution development, third-party software integration, and legacy system extension to minimize development costs and time to market, while maximizing the full business capabilities of the Internet.

One of the most critical components of an e-commerce web site is the seamless integration of legacy data from inventory; order entry, accounting, fulfillment, and logistics systems. The Easynett Team is very adept at planning and implementing methodologies for advanced data integration, ranging from manual order fulfillment to real-time inventory management.

Guiding our clients through the maze of emerging technologies is a critical responsibility of the Easynett Technology Research Center. The TRC provides our clients with information about and access to the advanced technologies needed for successful online business. By helping our clients gain insight into important technology trends and developments, we enable them to select and deploy the appropriate technologies to meet their
E-commerce needs.

Many projects require special programming to be most effective. Our proven programming capabilities allow us to create solutions that are most effective for your specific needs. From the simplest of forms that provide vital information, to the most complex database applications, we are able to provide you with exactly what you need.

Our programming capabilities include:

...* ActiveX
...* ASP
...* DHTML
...* HTML
...* ASP
...* XHTML
...* XML
...* XSL
...* C & C++
...* CGI
...* Perl
...* CDF
...* CSS
...* PHP 3
...* Java Script
...* Java
...* SQL
...* mySQL
...* SSL
...* FLASH
...* Shockwave
...* Visual C++
...* Visual Basic
...* VBScript
...* Cold Fusion
...* Cookies
...* VRML
...* RDBMS


Easynett's programming engineers deliver sophisticated applications to automate a wide range of business functions. Our expertise includes Complex Database Integration, Sophisticated E-Commerce, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Content Publishing Systems, and Mobile Computing Technologies. From re-engineering existing applications to designing and developing new solutions, our programming experts will ensure that you optimize the value of your current investment in technology.


Dynamic content generation and maintenance are essential aspects of state-of-the-art web sites. We offer expertise in commonly used relational databases, including Microsoft Access, SQL server. We generate content using Active Server Pages (ASPs). We integrate corporate databases into an online Internet, intranet, or extranet environment.

There are not too many applications that can ignore the existence of databases. In most cases, databases are at the center of our projects, and the rest is built around it. SQL Server, MSDE, Oracle, Access, MDB, ODBC, Excel, DAO, OLE DB, ADO, OLAP.
We offer unmatched care in the development of a programming solution. Our expert programmers take great care to first provide thorough up-front analysis. We work with you to streamline your specifications so that there are no "oh, by the way" problems at the end of the project.
Our care is taken in the form of a very specific roadmap for the programming assignment. Then we thoroughly and consistently inform you of our progress. We ensure that your programming project is on time and on budget.

* All e-commerce from a to z
* All types of shopping carts
* Database programming & integration
* Password protection
* Site specific search engines
* Custom CGI
* Custom PERL
* Custom PHP
* Custom SQL
* Custom reporting & Traffic Analysis
* Complete SSL
* Interactive forms
* Feedback forms
* Complete data integration
* Web calendars
* Web-Mail & Advanced Email Solutions
* Self-updatable pages
* Virtual tours
* Graphic design and animation
* Java
* Java Script
* Java based graphics
* Streaming video and audio
* Flash & shockwave
* Cold Fusion and ASP programming
* CD ROM design and production
* Online interactive advertising
* Webcam and chat rooms
* Client server applications
* GUI front ends & RDBMS back end
* Online order forms
* Complete system administration


A picture is worth a thousand words. Most of today's modern applications use some sort of 2D or 3D graphics, and we have proven and superior experience in graphics- related tasks. GDI, DirectX, Direct3D, OpenGL, modern GUI

In addition to raw artistic talent, the production of compelling 3D Graphics and Animation requires an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Among the design and programming technologies embraced by our Easynett Designers and Graphic Artists are:

* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Photoshop
* Alias Wavefront Maya 3D
* Avid Soft Image 3D
* Calgari TrueSpace 3D
* Hash Animation 3D
* 3D Studio MAX
* Macromedia Director
* Macromedia Fireworks
* Macromedia Flash
* Macromedia Freehand
* Macromedia Generator
* Newtek LightWave 3D
* Rhinoceros 3D
* DreamWeaver
* FrontPage


Easynett Web Site Hosting Services offers a complete menu of full service, high speed, Web Site hosting and management options. We support numerous web site hosting platforms, bandwidth connections, all types of E-commerce applications and on-line shopping cart solutions. Hosting programs range from entry-level solutions to shared or dedicated platforms that run industry-leading software. Easynett has a sophisticated Network Operations Center, (NOC) that features high-speed access to the Internet via the Sprint backbone. Easynett currently hosts and maintains over 34 client web sites and domains.

Going online was a trend - now it's a necessity!




At Easynett, we offer the client more than just plain vanilla design services; we offer a full service, high impact and fully integrated on-line marketing solution, a solution that combines the latest in new media technologies with more "traditional" marketing tools and techniques. We get to know your entire business, your long and short term goals, competitive environment, and existing marketing / sales programs. We then show you how you can use cutting-edge on-line technologies to enhance your positioning, market penetration, sales and brand identity.

We specialize in utilizing on-line guerrilla, stealth, strategic and viral marketing techniques that compliment and maximize "traditional" media advertising, PR and sales promotion. Our ultimate goal is to increase your website traffic and sales while maximizing efficiencies and cost effectiveness. A well-defined cyber marketing strategy requires the capture of the clients' vision, enumeration of goals, recognition of constraints and creation of the criteria for success.


Our primary commitment is to help you succeed on the Internet. Our seasoned team of Internet, marketing, public relations, branding and promotion specialists have spent countless hours analyzing all types of qualitative and quantitative data, segmentation and traffic flow patterns. We have cultivated and established key marketing relationships with high-traffic partners, and have sought out extensive lists of Web catalogs, directories, and listing services at the local, regional, national, and global levels - and the list grows daily. Our EASYNETT promotion specialists are multi- talented individuals with real cyber marketing experience and strong Internet technical knowledge who focus on a single Web Site to build the quality and quantity of sustainable traffic. In today's on-line e-commerce frenzy we understand the meaning of bottom line sales.


Easynett's no nonsense marketing team develops and deploys highly coordinated, results oriented marketing plans that DRAW TRAFFIC, SALES and ATTENTION to the clients site using the following strategic on-line methods:

* Highly targeted search engine submissions, indexing and listings
* Advanced Meta tagging
* Site morphing and cloning
* Advanced site optimization
* Focused & laser targeted on-line advertising
* Reciprocal links & banners
* Opt-in and viral e-mail campaigns
* E-mail discussion lists - PR
* Industry chat groups - PR
* BOT monitoring & measuring services
* Strategically targeted advertising outlets

In partnership with our clients, and at all levels, our team identifies and addresses the areas of utmost importance to the marketing project. Our team's expertise in Cyber business, creative design, technology and strategic Cyber marketing gives us the necessary understanding of many key areas.

* Branding and positioning
* Markets and segmentation
* Competition analysis
* Technology utilization
* Sales cycle analysis
* Process management
* Product distribution
* Supply chain
* Channel conflict



EXPERIENCED. We have been specializing in web site Cyber marketing / promotions since 1995. Our staff of on-line marketing specialists and Internet Web Site Promotion Experts offer thousands of hours of proven on-line experience.

UNRELENTING. Our Internet Web Site Marketing Specialists are constantly searching the World Wide Web to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge of on-line marketing. We scout the Internet on a daily basis, tracking the latest innovations and improvements. All this, to arrive at our goal: more exposure, traffic and sales for our clients.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. We pride ourselves on our attentive, knowledgeable and responsive staff. We stand ready to answer any questions, concerns or solve problems 24 hours - 7 days. Uncompromising Service is our only mode of operation!

RESULTS ORIENTED. You can trust us with your reputation. We have helped numerous companies and organizations both large and small to promote their Web Site, increase sales and build traffic. We will handle all your promotion and marketing needs as if you were our only client. Results tell all!

INVENTIVENESS. We strive constantly to develop new ideas and promotional programs designed to yield more sales and traffic to your Web Site. Allowing Easynett High Impact Web Site Promotions to be a part of your marketing team will help ensure your on-line marketing success. The growth and dynamics of the Internet make using it as an effective marketing vehicle an exciting, yet elusive task. This is why it is important to use the latest and most creative ideas on a continuing basis.


Easynett's Public Relations expertise and competencies break down into three general areas:

Media Relations
* Messaging and Strategy
* Press Materials / kits
* Media Pitching
* Media / Analyst Tours

Industry Outreach
* Article Placement
* Targeted e-mail campaigns
* Conference / Trade Show Support
* Speaking Engagements

On-line Events
* Chats
* Web casts
* Special events


It's a jungle out there! Easynett carefully researches and analyzes the best on-line Web outlets to yield a maximum return for your investment. We assume that you have a ZERO budget. Our philosophy is uniquely conservative; spend ten cents to make ten dollars, not nine dollars to make ten! We don't have to tell you about the ridiculous media expenditures by some Internet firms that have yielded little or no return on investment.

The EASYNETT staff is comprised of highly experienced Internet Programming, Marketing and E-Commerce experts that have been in the industry since its beginning in the early 80's. In addition, we actively recruit sharp, highly motivated Web specialists and college Comp-Sci graduate students with the latest in Internet software, hardware, operational, and programming skills. Our staff members and project teams have extensive cutting edge skills in Web page design, e-commerce, site construction, Unix, Linux and NT based Web servers, as well as cutting edge Web site maintenance and troubleshooting. The current technical operations staff consists of over 100 man-years of extensive networking, Internet and communications experience. All the staffers are conversant with multiple operating systems, (SunOS, UNIX, Linux, DOS, Windows, NT, MacOS, etc.) and are specialists in at least 3 operating systems. They are also well versed in at least two network protocols, (IP, IPX, NetBIOS, etc.). You can rest assured that your Web site and data are safely in the hands of cutting edge cyber geek professionals.


FIRST , we're very flexible. We want to provide the best possible and most cost effective solution for each project, based on your needs.

SECOND , we're cutting-edge. The on-line world is growing and changing at an unbelievable pace. And we keep up with all of it - it's our business to do so. If it's new, if it's hot, we know about it. And we want you to know about it too.

THIRD , we're responsive. Since we're small, (small being defined as the opposite of an over bloated, dog and pony show, firm that bills you for three martini lunches), and flexible, we provide you with very personalized one-on-one service. And we're always on call, whenever you need us. 24 hours, 7 days.

FOURTH , we're experienced and professional. We've been involved with the Web for the last five and a half years. We know the ins and the outs of producing high impact, cost effective web sites and e-commerce solutions. Frankly, a very large number of "want to be" firms have been trying to get into this business recently, but we've been here, leading, not following. And we intend to continue our leadership role for a very long time to come, providing you with the best possible cutting edge services that you can find, anywhere, at any price. Service, service and service, that's what it's all about!



Complex and Cost Effective Web Site Design - Establish An Interactive Web Site for Your Business. The complexities of Web Sites can range widely. For example, you may require multiple Web Pages, custom forms designed to collect input from users, a database of your products that people can view, all sorted and ordered over the net, or the creation of sophisticated graphics.

EASYNETT has mastered the Web's interactive programming capabilities to provide features such as categorized on-line catalogs, electronic order forms, multi-media animations and sophisticated information layering. If a customer needs more detail or wants to place an order, it's just a mouse click away.

An EASYNETT Site contains your existing promotional material, but it should also include additional information which would normally be considered excessive if used in traditional media. Because hyperlinks allow the layering of information into levels of detail, a Web Site can provide a large amount of utilitarian information without appearing "cluttered". This means that any information which might be of possible interest to a customer should be offered. Whenever possible, Easynett strives to push the envelope by utilizing any unique selling proposition possible. We don't believe in designing run of the mill web sites!

An EASYNETT Web Site also contains interesting and colorful optimized graphics to catch the reader's eye. These typically consist of company logos, photos of products, business locations / maps, and staff, etc. The best images look sharp and professional, yet are small enough in size to avoid unnecessary delays while they are being sent to the user's terminal. EASYNETT specializes in creating attractive and compact graphic images. Establishing a high impact business Site on the World Wide Web is the cornerstone of any successful Internet marketing program. Two features which make your EASYNETT Web Site a powerful business tool are graphics support and interactive capability through the use of hyperlinks, intuitive navigation and forms.

At EASYNETT we know how to maximize your on-line image on the Web.



More clients, More Sales and More Revenue
* Ability to sell products online - and with a low cost of sales
* Reach a broad audience. (Local, regional, national and worldwide)
* Ability to generate leads and sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
* Targeted marketing - put your business in front of people that are
..looking for what you sell
* Build a mailing list from your web site visitors.

Better Communication and Customer Service
* Clients and prospects can submit feedback or questions on products
..or services via e-mail.
* Educate your customers on your company, products, and services
* Your web site is a great sales tool - walk them through your brochure over the phone
* You can post information and frequently asked questions on
..your web site.
* (Fed Ex saves over $1 million a month by having package tracking
..on their web site)

Save Money, Reduce Overhead and Increases Profits
* Reduce printing costs by posting brochures and other company
..information on your web site
* Reduced mailing costs. Send newsletters, brochures, and other info your clients via e-mail
* Reduce your 800# phone bill. Clients can access info online that
..they may normally call for
* It saves company time and money. Less people calling means less
* Automate the application process. Put job info online, and people
..can apply electronically

Cost Effective Marketing and Advertising
* Compliments existing advertising and marketing (put your www
..address in all advertising)
* Get a better return on your existing advertising
* People who see your ads can visit your web site for more information
* Get information and sales materials in front of prospects immediately
..(no waiting for mail)
* Puts your business into your customer's homes at their convenience

Flexibility of Message
* Your site can be easily updated and changed - it never becomes obsolete
* It's scalable - you can start small and add on to your site as your evolves

Gain a competitive edge
* Level the playing field. Small businesses can look big on the web
* Your competitors are either online or thinking about it!
* If you don't have a web site, you're missing out on 100% of the
..Internet revenue
* Enhance your businesses image


The World Is An Open Marketplace
The Internet's reach is global. Which means that your customers are worldwide. Your business can remain open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and reach customers around the world, instead of just marketing around the corner.

The Most Cost-Effective Way To Sell & Market Today
There are companies wasting thousands of dollars advertising in magazines that will only circulate to thousands. Compare that to having your own web site, with the potential to reach millions. Communicate With Customers Internationally Your web site can provide your customers with an unlimited amount of information about your products. And, you can use email to directly communicate with your customers and provide an almost immediate response to questions. Having a web site gives your customers immediate access to your products and service info any time of day or night. And more importantly, your web site will always be open to take orders.

Selling Your Products On The Web
Electronic Commerce has moved from being the technology of the future, to being a required business tool for small and large businesses. By putting your business on the web, you will be able to sell more, and interact with customers in a powerful, efficient and very cost effective new way.

Exposure - Reach Millions of Potential Customers for Just Pennies - The proliferation of computer savvy users and Internet surfers has transformed the WWW into one of the leading advertising and sales mediums. According to the Internet Index, there are over 135 million Web users and 420 million Web site s, and these numbers increase drastically everyday. You can literally reach millions of potential customers for just pennies on the dollar. If you're wondering how big it really is, just take notice of the TV commercials being aired these days. Notice anything different? Since when did everyone start including their Web site addresses in their commercials or advertising strictly Internet-based businesses on television? Hmmm . . . Whatever your business, it is impossible to deny the importance of the Internet - - and the unstoppable rate at which it is growing! It is the least expensive way to reach a mass market.

Targeting - Reach Your Much-Sought-After Demographic and Target Market - A high percentage of web users are highly-educated, high-salaried professionals. It's no wonder that advertising and marketing on the Internet has reached such an unfathomably high level considering the "Mother Lode" of target marketing it provides. It will only escalate from here. The Internet is not just a bunch of computer nerds anymore. Since it is now so easy to do searches for what you're interested in, everyone can and does use the Internet. People interested in your service or product will easily find you - - or if you're not there, your competition is!

Profit - If It Increases Profitability, It Makes Sense To Do It - By increasing your overall exposure and allowing customers another easy access platform by which to purchase your product or service, you increase both the number of potential customers who may become interested in your product or service, as well as the amounts that customers may purchase.

Competition - Don't Follow, Take the Lead - In today's competitive arena, your business must be able to compete on a global basis if it is to survive. Thanks to the interconnectivity of the Internet, customers across the globe can access your product or service as easily as your next door neighbor. Many of the people your business will deal with (customers, potential customers, competition and suppliers) use the Web. For your business to be as competitive as possible you must be there too.

Technology - Take Advantage of It Now - Because we exist in a technology-driven world, your business can't afford NOT to exploit that technology. Today's technological advancements make it easier than ever to reach consumers worldwide and sell your products securely online. The web offers much more versatility than printed material in terms of presentation. The dynamic nature of web sites and multimedia (linked pages and graphics, animations, sounds and movies, forms and scripts, java, databases, etc.) gives your message more impact--more life! A sale is just a mouse click away.

Communication - Be On Display and Available Around The Clock - These days there is no acceptable excuse for inaccessibility of information about your organization or your products and services. Communication with prospective customers, employees, and the local community is imperative for the success of today's businesses. Your Web Page will always be accessible, always in the view of potential customers, and always providing important information to current customers.

Publicity - World Wide Exposure - Advertising locally is one thing. Your business is available to the entire world when you're on the Internet. You never know who potential customers might be. Publicity that widespread is invaluable.

Media - Vast Exposure & Quick Access
Businesses need the exposure that the media can create. There's no faster or cheaper way for the media to get information about your business than through your web site.

Service - Keep Customers Updated And Happy - Let's face it, you are better able to serve your customers when they can access information about your product or services immediately via your web site rather than waiting for a mailed brochure or a return telephone call. In today's fast-paced market, how quickly customers can access the information or purchase the product is frequently the factor that determines who will win the sale. Having a Web site allows customers to conveniently access information about your business and your products at any time of the day or night, which can be an important component of customer satisfaction.

Support - Meet Your Customers Expectations - Because of the accessibility of information about your business, and ability to communicate with you through posted information and email, your customers perceive and typically receive greater support via your Web site . And let's not forget, a person's perception is their reality. FAQ's, Frequently Asked Questions, are most easily handled by a web site. Rather than having customers and employees on the phone asking and answering the same questions repeatedly, posting these questions in one place only one time is a more efficient way of dealing with them. Your Web Site will allow you to continually update your corporate information and deliver it instantly to your customers providing them with quick service, Product and technical support and up to date material.

Automation - The Automation Aspects Are Almost Limitless - Through Internet automation you can both increase profitability and simultaneously reduce costs for advertising, sales personnel, and other support staff. Automated purchases also reduce costs and increase profitability.

Professionalism - demonstrate a Modern and Professional Image - Your organization must make the leap into the 21st century if it is to be perceived as professional in today's marketplace. Today, your customers, employees, and suppliers expect to be able to find and communicate with you on-line. Organizations that still do not have a Web site are inadvertently making a statement about their ability to embrace and adapt to change, technology, and the dynamic environment in which we all live. At this point an address on the World Wide Web is expected from an up-to-date company. If people can't find you on the Internet it raises a question about how serious your business is.




With Easynett's Proven Cyber Marketing expertise, technical coding know-how and integrated target marketing, you can position your company as a front runner reaching markets unavailable through any other medium. The Internet is now catering to such industries as Financial, Retail, Service, Travel, Consulting, Self-Improvement, Catalog, and Non- Profit Organizations. A passive, "if-you-build-it-they-will-come" approach simply will not work on the Internet. We design and execute an ongoing on-line marketing and Web Site cross indexing and marketing plan to generate the maximum amount of traffic to your Site. Additionally, we work closely with you to incorporate our on-line marketing into your existing marketing plan. This ensures that people not only find your Site, but they keep coming back.

Marketing on the Internet and the World Wide Web requires a never ending, focused and strategic plan of attack. Easynett makes Web Site promotion and Web Site cross indexing just one successful part of your total Internet marketing plan. We offer a variety of high impact promotional packages including initial Site announcements and ongoing, targeted Web Site promotions. The World Wide Web is growing at an incredible rate. As the Web expands it is critical that your Web Site stands out. Your Web Site must be easy to find and linked to high-traffic locations. Considering the Web's continuous growth, new directories, search engines, other Site listings, and Sites complementary to yours are being added daily. It is important that this growth be addressed by your ongoing Web Site promotion and marketing plan.

Easynett offers a wide variety of Web Site Promotion, Submission and Cross Indexing Packages. We are URL and Web Site Submission / Cross Indexing Specialists. When you hire Easynett, you will receive the widest possible Internet exposure because we continually cross index and submit your Web Site to ALL Major Web Directories & Search Engines on the Net. Your Web Site will continually be registered with all major Internet search engines and Web Indexes.

At Easynett, we know how to generate high traffic Sites on the World Wide Web. It's a never ending process!



The on-line medium will be its very own unique type of business quite separate from traditional print, film or retail media. For bigger businesses, the best approach is to create a separate electronic business unit that can draw from the assets of the company but is not limited by them. Don't just scan in the catalog or download the text of a publication. Instead, create new content that makes the most of the medium.

Don't think anymore in terms of 8.5" x 11". Your documents and new medium include computers, graphics and text on computers in other parts of the world, sound, video and simultaneous voice communications. The technology is in place. Its limitations are being pushed outward everyday. What they said was impossible yesterday is reality today.

The Internet is an unavoidable reality of doing business in the new millennium. It is here to stay. Your business can benefit from putting products and services on the Internet today. Sales can be dramatically increased almost overnight. Overhead cost reductions can be obtained by using strategic Internet systems to displace communications otherwise effected in person, on the phone, via mail, or via costlier networks and network services. Additional cost reductions may also be obtained through automation of the order processing cycle and of responses to frequently-asked questions in the realms of sales support and customer service.

A more substantial contributor to profit expansion comes from the creation of new channels for attracting and responding to sales interest. Other contributors include gains in real and perceived quality of customer service, increases in customer retention through strategically developed systems linkages, and error avoidance through faster or more complete internal and company-customer communications. The Web's maturation as an easily used information access and search mechanism will threaten obsolescence for some businesses. Don't let that business be yours!


Proven Expertise That Redefines Web Site
Design, E-Commerce & Strategic Internet Marketing


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